Monday, September 24, 2018

Show n Tell

I'll get to Motivational Monday and what I've been up to in a couple of days. I edited these pictures the other day and I want to make sure that they get posted before I forget.

We had a great sit n sew yesterday. So much fun. They really are the best days of the month - well including the Monday sewing. Any day sewing is fun, any day spent sewing with friends - well that's priceless.

At our class on the weekend, there was a ton of show n tell that was NOT related to our class. Some very cute stuff and I thought I'd share it with you.

First up is Susan's bear. Apparently, the bear has been named Larry. A request was made for the designer yellow glasses and Larry will become a pillow that will adorn a bed in a dorm. Yeah, Larry! The pattern is Bjorn Bear from Elizabeth Hartman.

Larry with his designer yellow glasses
The other Susan in the glass made herself a Necessary Clutch. This is a very popular pattern by Emmaline Bags.  The clutch appears to be very functional with all kinds of pockets an slots inside to hold the necessary things in life. I do have a story about wallets that I MUST share with you soon.

Susan's Necessary Clutch

Then Susan went a little crazy with rope bowls. She made a larger bowl and used the WHITE plastic/nylon rope for her version.

A rope bowl

Then she really went off the rails by making a set of NESTING bowls. Now, how cute are they?

Nesting bowls

She used the same kind of cording for these bowls, but a smaller diameter. She also used a taupe/gold thread on them so they have a much different coloring. Honestly, the sky is the limit as to what you can do with these bowls. So much fun to do! I do teach classes if anyone is interested. I don't think there's any scheduled at the moment.

The nesting set of bowls

I should mention that the little one is teeny tiny and so very cute!!!!

Then Rose brought in something very special for show n tell. This is a pair of socks that she has knit. Not just an ordinary pair of socks, but socks that she made on her hand-crank "automatic" sock knitter. OH MY GOD!!!!   I so want to get my knitter up and running. I'm going to tell you all about that story in a separate post. Suffice it to say, these socks are beautiful.

Handmade socks!!
Rose also makes Vintage Inspired Pincushions. And I apologize that I DID NOT get a good photo of them. She used a silver plated goblet as the base but I covered up the goblet in the photo. Oops. Anyway, these are very beautiful and she uses vintage jewelry, ribbons and lace to dress them up.

Vintage Inspired Pincushion
 And here's another version of the pincushions. I do believe this was a sugar bowl.

Vintage inspired pincushion
Here's the best part - you can BUY the pincushions and/or the handmade socks.  Rose is having a sale at her house in Guelph. The dates are November 16 (Friday) and November 17 (Saturday). If you're interested e-mail me and I'll send you Rose's address. She has other things for sale such as quilts and rope bowls and I'm sure a whole lot more. Even better - she has a FACEBOOK page so you can get all the information for the sale on the Facebook page. Check out the name of her company - Sir Socks a Lot. I love that!!!!!

Karen was very busy over the summer and was producing KNOT bags like crazy. Here's a link to the tutorial. 

Knot bags - small ones

Then she made another type of bag which I forget the name. It's an origami bag? It was lined and very neat how you folded the fabric to make the bag. I think this is the video tutorial that shows you how. 

The medium origami bag
Then she made a LARGE one.

Large origami bag

And then she had some more bags. She was a very busy person over the summer

More origami bags

Karen also made a snowboard themed quilt for a friend. Love all the snowboard fabric. I don't remember what pattern this was.

Snowboard themed fabric
Nancy made two cushions for a chair in her home. They are residing on a chair that sits beside an antique globe (as in a globe of the world) lamp. Isn't that a cool idea?  The globe pattern came from Lori Holt's book - Spelling Bee.  

Globe cushions

And we had a guest in our class. Welcome, Beth!!!   She had been hard at work on this pattern by Laundry Basket. It's called Winter Village.

Winter Village by Laundry Basket quilts

Sorry - I didn't have enough room to take the full picture of the quilt, but it's beautiful. She's almost finished. A wee bit more of the applique to put on.

Can you imagine that I remembered all those details without writing them down? And you thought my memory was going! 

That's a very impressive show n tell.

OH WAIT - there's one more thing I have to share.  Jane was the one who recommended the book "They Left us Everything". Thanks, Jane. But even better, Jane brought in a flyer for an upcoming USED book sale. At this book sale, the authors are in alphabetical order as well as displayed by genre. START THE CAR!!!!!  Should I share the date with you? Of course, I will. Here's a link to the Facebook page. It's the Guelph Public Library that's hosting the event. Hmm - seems to be a lot happening in Guelph!   The dates are Oct 19-21.

Anyway - there's a ton of stuff happening and it's all so exciting!!!

And if that isn't enough - I'm up on QUILTsocial this week. Check out my first blog post where I show you how to add a flange to your binding. You're going to love it and it's super simple.

I've got so much more to tell you but that's it for today. I'd better make a list of topics so I don't forget those although I think I proved that my memory is not so bad!

Have a great day!!!!


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