Friday, September 28, 2018

It's a good day when......

We had loads of fun at Sit n Sew yesterday. When do we not have fun at Sit n Sew? There's nothing like getting together with friends and sewing your heart out all day. While I didn't accomplish a lot, I did. I'll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Today, I'm going to show you some of the stuff that the others were working on. I didn't get pictures of everyone's work, but we were a full house!

I love how some of the ladies have projects that they only bring to Sit n Sew. I have stuff like that as well.

To start, Linda brought her Town and Country quilt to show us. I believe she sewed the top and bottom border on in the morning. The blocks were all together. This is such a fun quilt. She still has a long way to go. I was looking at the blocks - the buildings all have a name on them. It sure looked like they had been put on with a marker, but NO - each of those words is HAND STITCHED. The stitching is super neat, but we all know that Linda LOVES to hand stitch. Beautifully done Linda - I can't wait to see the finished quilt.

Town and Country (Linda's version)

I bought the patterns and I have intentions of doing it. I know exactly what I'm going to do. Just need to find the time.

Then we have Diane. Diane is my competition for getting projects completed for the year. Last week, we were both sitting at 58. Well, after a bit of advice of myself and the loan of my big sewing table, Diane managed to get the entire jelly roll rug completed. Yes - she made the strips in the morning and sewed it together in the afternoon! I tell you - Diane is a machine!

The rug looks gorgeous. She used a batik jelly roll and used the strips as they were placed in the jelly roll. It's beautiful and she did an EXCELLENT job of keeping that rug flat. Impressive Diane!!!  She's already put in a request to use that big sewing table at the next Sit n Sew as she has one more rug to make!

Diane's jelly roll rug

When Rose was here last week, she was finishing up these blocks. I think it's the disappearing 4-patch block. She laid claim to the design wall and had all her blocks up to check the colors and then she got the entire quilt top sewn together. Well minus borders. I love the quilt. It's so bright and cheery. The blocks were made with a layer cake from Me and my Sister. (I love their stuff - bought some a while back and since their collections are mostly the same look, I'm NOT buying more).

Rose's disappearing 4-patch quilt

Pat was busy getting this airplane quilt together. I've never seen this pattern before but it's super cute. The planes are 3-D and appliqued down. The mom of the child the quilt was made for had requested those colors. That pink is BRIGHT, but it's definitely a fun quilt. I do believe the top is finished and it's off to be quilted. Pat had purchased the pattern as our guild's garage sale a while back for $1. She needs to take the quilt to show n tell so the person she bought it from can see!

Pat's airplane quilt

Helen-Anne was working on this gorgeous quilt that was designed by Patti Carey. Patti was our guest speaker a couple of months ago (at our guild) and she had graciously donated a couple of kits to our outreach program. This was one of them. Helen-Anne offered to make it. A big thank you to Patti for that kit which was partially constructed. Helen-Anne had fun with all those inserts yesterday. I'm still in awe that Patti designed this quilt in EQ7. I've no idea how she did that, but the end result is pretty spectacular.

Helen-Anne working on a fun bright quilt

If you check out this link, you can see what the finished quilt will look like. It's pretty spectacular.

And the center part is made of two panels that you can see at this link on Northcott's web page for ColorWorks Concepts. 

Pauline was working on a baby quilt. And the only reason I can show you a picture is that she left the quilt here. I found it by accident last night as I was digging out a book. As she was packing up, she must have put it on the stack of books and not on her table. Hmm - I wonder if she wants it back? It's very cute.

Pauline's baby quilt

I was the guest speaker at the Barrie Modern Quilt Guild last night. So the moment, the last of the ladies left, I unpacked the suitcase from the previous trunk show last week and repacked the suitcase with the MODERN trunk show and off I went.

I love speaking at the various guilds around and so nice to meet new people and see some familiar faces. It's great fun. Thanks to the Barrie Modern Quilt Guild for hosting me last night - I had fun and hope that they enjoyed my presentation and maybe inspired some of them to try something new.

I must say that I feel a wee bit lost this morning. While I have loads to do, I don't have a pressing deadline. Now how did that happen? That doesn't mean that today isn't going to be jam-packed with stuff to do.

I was busy prepping for an upcoming class and had to dig out some feet for the sewing machine. I have two dual feed feet. Don't ask. I picked up one of the boxes and then I picked up the other one and opened it.

Two Dual Feed (Walking feet)

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!    There's my missing USB stick!!!  Now, how the heck did that get in this box? It would appear that when I packed up the sewing machine and accessories for the Halloween quilt months ago, that I threw all the bits into this box where they do NOT belong.


Needless to say, I was doing the happy dance this morning. Not so much because I needed what was on the stick, but just because I found the darn thing. I swear, I need to get better at putting stuff in the appropriate place. I'm way, way better than I used to be, but when I get into a panic clearing up thestudio, then I throw all caution to the wind.

I'll be spending the day going through stuff to try and put some things back where they belong, like all the accessories in this box. It's a box for a walking foot and there isn't even a walking foot in the box!

I keep saying that I need to make a list of all those things that go missing so I can cross them off when I find the item. I think I might start, but now I can't remember what else is missing. So I'll have to wait until I realize that something is missing and then I can start my list. I should also include the date so I can see how long it takes for me to find the missing item. I know - that's a bit crazy, but what the heck - life is crazy anyway.

Oh - and don't forget to check out QUILTsocial today. You can see my last post of the week.

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have a super day!!!!!


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