Saturday, September 8, 2018

Books and quilts - my two favorite things!

It's the first meeting of the West End Modern Quilt Guild this morning and I had to finish prepping some stuff. As a result, I'm running short on time this morning.

That doesn't mean that I don't have things to share with you - just not as much as I would have liked. You have to wait for tomorrow. You're going to love what I was working on yesterday!

I did try to do some tidy up yesterday. The cutting table is looking a bit unruly.

Here are two books that I purchased when I was away. These are catalogs of two different quilt collections. I love that kind of stuff. What will I do with them? Read them and then file them on the shelf.

The Wilcox Quilts in Hawaii

Patchwork and Quilting in Australia
I have tons of these kinds of books. They are usually very inexpensive.

I have a question to ask of you. Does anyone remember The Quilt project by Carol Miller? It was a fundraiser for breast cancer. The quilts were donated and then auctioned off. I have a number of the catalogs, but one year, she did a special display. The 10 quilts represented were made from donated clothing (National Ballet, Kalan Porter, Al Waxman, etc. ) There was a small brochure that displayed those 10 quilts - I'm looking for that brochure. I know I have it here somewhere, but it's not with the catalogs. That means it in a box of paper. STUPID me for not filing it properly. What I really want is a photo fo the BALLET quilt. I made it and I want a picture of that quilt. Does anyone have the brochure or a picture? The ballet quilt was five or six ballet dancers on a greenish background.

Now I have some very sad news to pass along. Does anyone know of Marilyn Doheny? She's a famous quilter and lives in North Carolina. I don't know a whole lot about her, but I do recognize some of her books. She was a prolific author. Apparently (and WHY didn't the world know about this?), she had a BEAUTIFUL 19-bedroom inn in Tyron, North Carolina. It was a bed and breakfast and she hosted quilting retreats. I say WAS because the inn burned down including her 1,000 quilts. Now that is very sad. Here's a link to the story.

I managed to get some paperwork completed and that always feels good. I see there is still more sitting on my desk. I won't have time today (I try NOT to do paperwork on the weekend). So if I owe you some paperwork - be patient!

I got back to work on the long arm. Which worked beautifully. Seriously - I'm beginning to doubt myself that it ever stopped working, but it did! I swear. It truly must have been a loose connection. Anyway - a customer quilt got completed and I'll be working on another one later today.

Customer quilt

I was pulling into the driveway yesterday to find the Purolator truck sitting at the curb. Is that for me? My boxes weren't scheduled to arrive until Tuesday, but yes - the Purolator truck (first time I see a woman at the wheel for a courier) was here for me. Although I only received two of the three boxes that were shipped. And I got an e-mail from Norma - she got her box which went to the other side of the country! Two of my boxes were the same shape so I don't know which one I got and no time to open them yesterday.

It's almost time to go to the dog park and you know what? I have to put pants on. It's cold outside. This weather is pretty unpredictable. One minute we're in high heat and humidity and two days later, it's time for pants.

Took a wee walk to the library yesterday to make sure I hit my 10,000 steps. Of course, I had been on a binge book ordering spree the day before and three books came in. Not novels and some of them I had read before. It's all research into my possible new project. OH - one of them was a novel. I'm such a sucker for NEW. But that's OK. It gives me something to wake up to each day.

And got a HUGE PILE of fabric yesterday for the next THREE magazine quilts. There are more than three quilts waiting to be done, but the fabric for those three arrived. Yikes - what am I doing on the computer? I should be cutting and sewing because it's going to be intense!

On that note, I'm out of here to find a pair of pants. Tomorrow, I've got something fun to share with you.

Have a super day!!!!



  1. What about contacting the Stratford Archives? or even the Stratford Library? They might be able to help you find a brochure, or a copy

  2. Oh- don't forget the "sneakin beacon" - The Stratford Beacon Herald, the local paper. The primary photo journalists at the time of the quilt project were probably Robin Wilhelm and Scott Wishart. I believe the beacon keeps a pretty good archive as well.

    1. AHA -- very good ideas. Never thought of that. That's why I have smart friends like yoU!