Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The history is in the books - Part Two

Hopefully, you had a chance to check out some of the other blogs from the meet and greet? I’ve only checked out one more - no time and it’s hard for me to put the link back here with my iPad. I’ll do that when I get home.

Now I could be wrong, but I think when Saskatchewan had their 75th anniversary in 1980 that there were grants available for local communities to publish books of their local history. Our local community did and my parents were a part of that. There are many of these books around.

Every time I come out, Joyce asks me about a long lost relative of hers who lived in the area. The last name was very unusual and I remembered going to school with someone by that last name. Anyway, I was in the local library yesterday - never takes much to persuade me to go to the library and I searched through ALL the history books that they had. I wasn’t sure of the town they lived in. But I checked for the last names in the various books and I found nothing.

Actually, I was checking for two last names. Mary Lou always hung out with Lynn and I was certain that they were related. So I was checking for both. Then at dinner, we had a conversation about these people again and when I finally got the town right, my brother said that they may have a book at the house. Last night, I’m poring over the book - the unusual last name is not there (Spitzig), but the other name (Sayers) was. And there were a whole pile of them. ACK!!!

So I went through the families one by one and can you believe - I found her cousin (or second or third cousin) in the book. I was taking pictures of the information and sending it to her!!!  Obviously no contact information, BUT my brother and SIL knew where Lynn worked and I had stopped in to see her earlier in the day. She was done work for the day, so I left her a note. I’m determined one way or another to get the contact information for Joyce!

These history books are pretty fascinating to go through! It’s been fun as we all ate together to reminisce about people in our community and things that I never knew came up. Super interesting - I guess I had better go back and reread the history book for our local area. I’m not sure where my copy is!

Hopefully Lynn gets in touch with me and we can help to locate the long lost cousin. The bottom line - Lynn’s Dad and the father of the guy that married Joyce’s cousin are brothers. And Lynn must have hung out with the younger cousin. I remember them being inseparable.

It was a great day of digging and visiting!

The weather here is crazy. There was a risk of frost last night. And seriously - it’s cold. I only brought a sweatshirt. Back home to heat and humidity!

Have a great day!!!!  (Tomorrow - there will be pictures!)


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