Monday, September 3, 2018

It’s a small town! Part One!

We didn’t go to the farm yesterday.  Instead, I went to the dog park with my brother and sister in law. Their two dogs are mutts like ours. But they have a lot of similar traits for a pair of dogs. Meadow is more quiet and docile just like sweet Lexi and Moose is just like Murphy. Notice the names - be careful how you name a dog. I think they grow into their names!!!

So my Dad and I popped off to Walmart to get a curtain rod so we can hang up a quilt I brought. Almost upon entering the store, we ran into my aunt, a cousin and her husband. My cousin works at Walmart so we got a personal escort to the curtain rod section. That saved some steps because I would have been wandering the aisles looking. Thanks Bonnie! Everywhere you go - you meet someone. That never happens at home.

Then off to the Museum where my Dad volunteers so he could modify the brackets that came with the curtain rod so the quilt will hang against the wall. I should take before and after pictures. We still have one or the original brackets - only two, not three. But nice to have a handy Dad around to do that. So after straightening the metal bracket, drilling a new hole, cutting off the excess and grinding it smooth, the new hangers are ready to be put up tomorrow.

After lunch, we visited the remaining aunt. Now remaining is not a good word. We visited with the last aunt that I had visited with yet. We had a great conversation. So I covered all the family off while I was here. I mean aunts and uncles - it would be impossible to visit with all the cousins - there are too many.  That was great - we’re all getting older and no idea how much longer some of us will be around. I do plan on being around for a long long time, but we don’t always have a choice in the matter.

I was having a look at my calendar yesterday for when I get back. Oh - how the heck did September get so booked. I have FOUR guild presentations to do, tons of classes and lectures, guild meetings and well - a whole lot more. Quilts to make and quilts to quilt. It’s going to be heads down. I was hoping to tackle some of that paperwork on Friday, but I have to start prepping. I’ll see what I can get done. I NEED to get some of it done while I’m fired up!

Speaking of classes, I want to remind everyone that I’ll be doing a lecture on binding at Oh Look Fabric on Wednesday, September 12. It’s At 7 PM and lasts for one hour. I’ll be covering everything and anything to do with bindings. If you have questions or want to up your game on bindings, you should come out. And if you haven’t checked out Oh Look Fabric yet, it’s a great time to do so. Call the store and get signed up. I have tons of samples to show you and instead of just reading about it on my blog posts, you can actually ask questions. It’s going to be worth your while.

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