Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The history is in the books. - Part One

I’ve got to get myself together this morning and finish packing up and off to the airport to try and get home earlier than originally planned. Next time I book a flight, I’d better check the dates and times a wee bit better. It’s going to be a long day!

OK - I confess, I did go back to the farm yesterday. I couldn’t help myself - I was too excited about our Fortrel find and the potential stuff to make that I had to go. I collected up a nice variety for Norma and it’s in a box on it’s way to her. I haven’t even told her yet but she’ll know once she reads this. I packed up a few things for me to match my ideas and well - we’ll see what comes of it. Nothing like experimenting.

I also got to visit with Heather yesterday. I met Heather through Facebook - she’s originally a quilter from this area and she used to quilt with the group that my aunt quilts with. She had a very interesting quilt (fibre art) show in one of the galleries several years ago and that same show (Lady Sings the Blues) was published in the LAST issue of Quilter’s Newsletter. It’s a neat show and I’ll have to dig out my issue and reread it.

Anyway, Heather now has a studio space along with 14 other artists in town. It’s in an office space and I’m super jealous. What a neat place to sew. She’s the only one into fibres, although there was one artist that is starting to do needle felting. I would still need a place at home, but this was a good way to get out and throw caution to the wind.

I’m totally jealous! But I’m more jealous of the fact that she can play. She is allowing herself time to experiment with various techniques and ideas. So I wouldn’t call Heather a quilter (although she quilts) - she’s more of a fibre artist experimenting with everything. One day when I call it quits with the quilting (for others), then I can throw caution to the wind. I’m doing a wee bit of that, just not enough. But the day will come and I now have my little stash of Fortrel to play with.

I did get a wee stash of Harley Davidson T-shirt material from Heather. That’s a long story, but the quick version - my brother is into HD stuff. The same way that I wear T-shirts with bicycles on them, my brother wears T-shirts with HD on them. Even his bathrobe is branded HD. Sadly, our entire family seems to be obsessive about stuff. Well I guess my younger brother is less obsessed, but he’s the wheeler/dealer in the family and obsessed with buying and selling stuff. So now I’ve got more “stuff” to make another quilt. Thanks Heather and I owe her something in return for that!

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