Saturday, September 15, 2018

The book sale

There's nothing like an AWESOME used book sale. And this one that supports the Mississauga Symphony is an AWESOME book sale. Today is the last day. 

First, I have to correct a mistake that I posted yesterday. I mentioned that there were TWO used book sales this weekend. In fact, there are two sales and they used to be on the same weekend. However when I went to the second location, NO book sale. What? I checked the web and drat! That other book sale was two weeks ago. Hmm - better get on top of that for next year. 

Anyway - I arrived at the book sale a bit early as did many other people and they were starting to scan the tables the moment, the covers were off. 

The book sale is held in the aisles of a shopping mall which is a great idea. Although I didn't look at anything in the shops. I was focused. I thought about taking a bag with me, but I didn't but I should have. That meant I was limited in what I could carry and that was probably a good thing. 

The book sale at the mall
I started off in the Mystery section. And on the second box, I found a book that I've been searching for for months. Seriously? The book has a completely different look to it than the rest of the series I've gotten my hands on so I didn't recognize it at first. Holy - this must be a rare book or something. No one has the darn thing. Loads of the others in the series. Trust me - I checked several times to make sure that this is the right book. I felt like shouting or telling someone, but I held back - barely!

Exit Lines by Reginald Hill
No matter - one more off the list. I only found one on my list and I wasn't the only one there with a list. Many others had lists and some were just buying HUGE quantities of books. They had grocery carts filled with books! Most novels were $1 so you could get a LOT of entertainment for a very cheap price. 

I also managed to find some quilt books. Thanks to Peggy for leaving those behind for me. She was there the night before and didn't see these. But I think they have extra books under the table and bring them out when there's room on top. These were $2 each. 

Quilt books from the book sale
In total, I got 10 books for $17. A pretty good deal. 

The nice thing about the book sale is that the books are separated into their respective genres. Mystery, romance, fiction, and then the non-fiction is also separated. They have EVERYTHING including puzzles and games. A great place to visit if you're into books. What doesn't sell, gets packed up and is then brought out next year. 

The bad thing about the book sale is that all the authors are nicely placed in the boxes, but not in alpabetical order so you do have to look at every book. Who is the most popular author in the mystery section?  James Patterson. But since he's sold 375 MILLION copies of his books worldwide - that makes sense. 

Speaking of James Patterson, a BAD thing happened in the afternoon at my house. I got a notification that there was a book waiting for me at the library so I hopped on my bike. I had two books to return and I picked up the new book. Oh boy - The President is Missing by James Patterson and Bill Clinton. It's over 500 pages and I read 200 pages last night instead of sleeping. I couldn't help myself. A very different view point and I'm still not sure what is going on - it's all "classified" so far. 

If you're looking for a GOOD and fast read, this book about finding something that you're passionate about is a great book. As I mentioned yesterday - not everyone can have the dream job if such a thing exists, but it's finding the passion in what you do that makes life interesting. This is one person's journey. He's a talent (sports) agent. He goes from bored to excited by looking at things differently. It's a good read and something we really should all be aware of in our daily existence. 

The Spark - a great read on passion in the workplace or life in general

 I received a package in the mail yesterday. For tomorrow, I'll try to open that up and show you what's inside. I don't normally order fabric online, but this was a special case and you'll see why when it's open.

Fabric arrived!

The other thing I did last week (I know - it was a bad week for getting stuff done in the studio!) was visited this show in Burlington at the Art Gallery of Burlington. The show closes tomorrow and I wanted to go. Thankfully I put the appointment in my calendar and forced myself to respect that appointment. Otherwise, it wasn't going to happen.

This is a copy of the catalogue from the show. Well worth the $10.

Fibre Content 2018 catalog

 First I had to deal with the pay parking terminal. I started off by putting my money in and next thing I knew, it literally spit my money back out. Wait a minute! What's going on? I was light on change and at first, I thought the darn thing ate my loonie, but no - it spit my quarter out and the loonie was sitting in the return tray. Then I read the screen - I have to put my license plate in first, then the money and that worked much better.

The parking attendant!

This is the front of the show and that's all I'm going to show you from the show. There were all kinds of art - thread painting, rust dyeing, quilting and some very clever pieces of art.

The front of the show
A couple of things that I liked about the show - they had an interactive exhibit as you walked up to the gallery. This was great as you're not allowed to touch the actual art pieces, but you can touch these small pieces that were created by some of the same artists. You can flip them up and look at the backs. That was fun and loads of techniques were exhibited.

Interactive exhibit side one of the hallway

Interactive exhibit side two of the hallway
 It's a very clever display and I think that would be awesome to have at a quilt show.

I popped into the gift shop to have a peek. WHOA!  I love these racks. Wouldn't that be awesome to have your extra wall hangings in something like this? And large horizontal ones for the bigger quilts? Like they have at museums? That would be fun, but not going to happen unless I won the lottery last night!

Storage for the paintings in teh gift shop

I even saw some bicycle tea towels but did not buy them. I already have some from this maker which I haven't used yet. No need for more. I must dig those out and use them. I took the picture of the red one, but I see in the photo that there were several black ones on the hook below.

Bicycle tea towels in the gift shop
This was the sidewalk outside the Art Gallery that led to the lake and a beautiful bike path. Could you walk across that in a straight line or would you follow the curve? I think you know what I did!  Yep - I followed the curve!

The curvy sidewalk

Since I was so close to The Quilt Store West, I decided to stop in. I had never been to this store before. It's got a great selection - lots of embroidery designs and other stuff. I did pick up a couple of things - NO fabric though.

The Quilt Store West in Burlington

So you can see that I've been doing everything but sewing. I did get some sewing done yesterday and I have about 2 hours work left on the magazine quilt and it'll be ready to quilt. I'm behind in the long arm stuff, but that will have to wait for the upcoming week. I have a busy weekend - three classes. And when I get home this afternoon, I must NOT touch that book. I must get that quilt top finished. 

Have a super day!!!!



  1. I was at the show on Monday. I have been through the catalogue twice since then. There were some fabulous pieces there.

    1. Oh - there were some beautiful pieces. Several I wanted to take home with me. It was well worth the trip. Glad you enjoyed it!