Monday, October 1, 2018

Convention - Day One

Well that was weird. I tried to use the iPad to blog this morning and the darn keyboard didn't seem to want to work. Thankfully, I have a backup - a laptop! There's just one problem - one is a touch screen and the other is not so it's a bit weird. But with all this technology around me - I have no problem and I was able to easily connect to the internet! You have to love the fact that we all have free access to the internet. I mean, all our devices need to be hooked up, the sewing machines needs to be hooked up to Wi-Fi so it makes sense to have it free everywhere.

I'll start off by saying that the food here is AMAZING. Considering there are hundreds of us to feed, the hotel (Marriott) has done an amazing job with the food. I didn't get a whole lot of steps in yesterday - I think of Helen Anne who has gone for close to 700 consecutive days at 10,000 steps. I would have failed dismally yesterday. Today - a walk is in order whether at lunch or after the day is complete.

After breakfast we all went to the ballroom to hear all the speeches from the head office. Lots of inspiration and great plans for many exciting future opportunities. That's encouraging. I've been a user of Husqvarna Viking products for over 20 years and I love them. Even having access to a PFAFF machine, doesn't convince me to convert over.

We had a keynote speaker who was funny, but I'm not sure that his message really got through or that he was as inspirational as I would like. Anyway, I won't even mention his name. Then it was off to lunch and then at last the first class.

The educators in the US developed some classes so we could learn new things or new ways of doing things with the sewing machines, the software and other fun stuff.

The class I was in yesterday was a project made on the EPIC 980Q. This is a high end (GORGEOUS) sewing machine that I've had the opportunity to review on QUILTsocial. If you get a chance to sew on this machine, you should. Since I knew the machine and I had brought all the right feet, except for the ruffler foot, I was good to go. I was OK for the first half of the class and was up to speed on what the instructor was saying. The lady in front of me was struggling a little bit so I helped her. There were 27 machines in the class - that's a bit overwhelming when you walk in considering how much each of these machines cost. But after the break, I couldn't get my head around what we were doing so the lady in front helped me, but after a half hour, I was good to go.

Since I'm typing on the laptop, I shouldn't have any issues with the buffer in the blog. As it just went past the first screen, I'm thinking that the iPad can't deal with the scroll bar that comes up. That must be it. I'm going to call again when I get back home.

We tried all kinds of techniques on the pillow project. Ruffler foot, yarn foot, braiding, decorative pop up stitches. I knew how to do most of the techniques, but I did learn a few and that was very exciting. I also learned a few shortcuts with the EPIC 980Q and some of its features/stitches so that was helpful.

They also have some vendors/partners here and they have booths set up so we get a chance to chat with them. Oh my - that's not a good thing because I have plans. I've spoken to the software vendors (think embroidery) and I have some ideas. Already sent off some e-mails and we'll see what happens. Could be a sew along brewing in the back of my mind.

I'll be making a list of what I'd like to get my hands on and then see what's the best way to actually get it into my hot little hands. The only problem is that there are so many ideas generating in my head and I've got to find the time to make or do them. That's OK - I'd rather have my head swimming with ideas than to have nothing up there! I can't wait to get home!

The other thing that was very exciting was that there's a dismantled sewing machine on display. I should get a picture of it. I can't remember what model it is - I think it's one of the new machines that was released. I'm going to be blogging about one of them coming up in a couple of months and I can't decide if it's better to have the embroidery model or just the sewing model. Any thoughts on that? Not sure how many of you have access to an embroidery machine. It's on QUILTsocial anyway so not that you have to follow along if you don't want to.

I might as well plug the new machines. There's the Husqvarna Viking Brilliance 80 - This looks like the baby sister to the DESIGNER EPIC. It's in a different price range, but has a LOT of the fun functionality of the higher end machine including access to the internet. And that's exciting. And there's the Husqvarna Viking Brilliance 75Q.    There's something else new, but I'll wait until I get my hands on it (here) before I tell you about it.

My iPad has auto-correct and the laptop doesn't. It's very weird. But this laptop is small and I love it! Great for typing in bed when your roommate is still asleep. Thankfully it also has a quiet keyboard.

OH - so back to the disassembled sewing machine. Two of the ENGINEERS are here. These are the guys that design the sewing machines. OH MY - I had a fabulous chat with them and they are taking suggestions. ACK!!!!  I know I have a couple, but I can't for the life of me think of them at the moment.  I did leave them with two small issues that I've been having and hopefully they can figure it out when they get back to their drawing boards. I told them to tell whichever team was responsible for the extension table - that's my absolute favorite accessory. I've got to study the sewing machines and see what I can come up with for a suggestion. I know - the case!  The darn case needs a place to put the extension cord and the foot pedal!  OK - I'm good to go with that. I'm sure I'll be thinking of a few other things as the week goes on.

After dinner, a couple of the Canadians (obviously the French Canadians) and a couple of others were headed off to Bourbon Street for a drink. Hmm - I was there in the daytime and that was sufficient for me. No need to be among an even crazier group of people - the French Canadians on Bourbon Street. I sat in the hotel room and sent out e-mails based on what I had seen in the day.

I'm having a blast here and it's well worth my time to be here. Learning tons and trying to network all the connections in Canada to make my being here even more worthwhile.

Having a roommate at an event is not as bad as you would think. Shirley - there's hope for us! We're only in the room for a short period of time so it makes perfect sense. I do like some down time though - I have a talker! But that's OK, I'm learning lots.

On that note, I have nothing else to say!

Have a super day!!!


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