Tuesday, October 18, 2022

A blast from the past!

 I have learned something about myself. Actually, I've known it for some time now. I can get up and work like mad all day. But if I have an interruption to my schedule, I'm a zombie for the rest of the day. Case in point, I had a trunk show yesterday morning, which went very well and was not far from home. Hello to all the members of the Busy Hands Quilt Guild in Cambridge. 

Then I got home in time to join the Monday Sewing Group for a bit, and well, instead of logging off at the usual 2 PM, we stayed until 4 PM. Meanwhile, on the call, I did nothing! I chatted and attempted to start sewing a binding onto a quilt. But after that, I did nothing. 

There are many things spinning in my head at this moment, and I just didn't want to cope with anything else. Nothing bad! Mostly a lot of e-mails had to be sent, which got sent in the middle of the night because my brain wouldn't shut off. 

Now, back to the guild meeting. I did my lecture on Modern Quilts, which is always fun to do, and OH MY -- even though I've done this lecture before, I decerned a distinct pattern in my modern quilts. They are NOT the same, but most of them in the show are designed by me, and there's one unique element in almost all of them! Should I tell you? 

Well, since some of you will never get to see the show, I'll tell you. There's almost always a diagonal line of some sort in the patterns! How weird is that, and as I mentioned, I'd never noticed it before yesterday. 

I also had some papers and a book to take with me this coming week, but do you think I could find them yesterday? OK -- so I didn't look too hard, but I've found EVERYTHING this morning. It's all packed in my portable office (backpack), and all I need to do is pack that suitcase - never mind, the Uber is coming in less than two hours! 

I'll be away all week, but I'm going to a quilt show (to work), so it's going to be all about quilting!!! In French! I'm excited -- I used to live in Montreal, but we're not in Montreal - we're in St. Hyacinthe, just outside Montreal. Here's a link to the show in case any of you want to pop by. I'm not sure why it needs to be FOUR days. 

And thank goodness for online check-in and no luggage, so it'll be easy to get on the plane. Getting home will be a bit more challenging as I have my sample suitcase to bring home. 

As for that binding, look what happened. Another darn join at the corner. Sigh......... I will have to take Rose's advice soon, or this will be the standard for every quilt! 

A join at the corner

While at the guild meeting yesterday, I ran into several people I used to sew with or who were in previous classes of mine. One lady brought in two quilts that she took in the $10 quilts at The Hobby Horse, and these were the one-hour-a-month lecture classes. Both of her quilts are done, gifted, and she brought them specifically to show me. How sweet was that? 

Enchanted Autumn

Quilter's Garden Patch

It was so awesome to see these finished quilts, and I'm happy to report that both of my tops are together. Not quilted, but together. And as I was searching for my paperwork this morning, I came across the list of these types of classes. I did a quick count, and I taught almost FIFTY of these classes at The Hobby Horse. We started in 2003. Can you believe that? I'm stunned. 

Don't forget that there were other classes I taught at Oh Look Fabric, Cockadoodle Quilts, and Sew Sisters. And there are a few I taught on my own, and I bet there are at least a dozen, if not more, of those. And I wonder why I have UFOs?? When I'm back, I will dig deeper and see how many are still on the UFO list. Oh my gosh --- I was so happy to find that paper. 

And the problem is that there are so many more that I want to make (teach) whatever. I want to make a Wendy Williams quilt, so I need to find a pattern that works and is not too expensive. 

OH --- I've had so many requests for the club/class information, and have I posted it yet? NO -- I haven't had a chance to work the dates into my calendar. 

But here's a quick recap. These are ongoing classes that will continue or START in 2023.

  • UFO --- unless someone drops out, the TWO classes are FULL
  • Out of the Box -- the people in the class will get the first chance to renew -- at this moment, it is full
  • Machine Embroidery -- unless someone drops out, it's full 

So here is what you can expect NEW for 2023. Refer back to this post for more information. 

  • A club for digital cutters (all brands)
  • An EQ8 club for learning the software (not sure what level yet, as that depends on who signs up)
  • The many little blocks club (got to find a better name for that one) 
  • Embroidery software (mySewnet) only if there is enough interest 
  • Jen Kingwell make-up class (for ANY of Jen Kingwell's patterns -- as long as you have started) 

I will try to find dates for all those while I'm away, so I can post when I'm back. But if you have any comments about the levels of the software you are interested in, let me know, as that will help me. 

As usual, send me an e-mail (elainetheriault@gmail.com) and put the name or some reference in the subject to help me sort it. I do NOT mind getting e-mails as long as there is an appropriate subject line. If you just say "classes," "homework," or "pictures," that will get lost. You have to put the specific name in the subject! Send an e-mail individually, but then put the names in the subject, or just send one e-mail per class. This is not the official sign-up as I don't have dates -- it's just a curiosity about the level of EQ8 or mySewnet so I can figure out how to advertise it better. 

OK -- that's it for me. I've got to run, finish throwing stuff in the suitcase, and walk the dogs. 

Have a super day!!!


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