Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Do you like a challenge?

The post is going to be short this morning. The time for the spin classes has changed to 6 AM on Monday AND Wednesday. So that is a better time for me if I'm prepared for it, which I was not this morning. No worries --- 

Here is the quilt of the day. 

Customer quilt - DONE

This customer quilt has appliqued cats on it. This may be why I dreamt that we now owned two mommy cats and two babies -- Lexi was happy, and Murphy was warming up to it! The owner bought it at an auction, and I suspect that most of the quilt is made from polyester, which isn't a problem. It's an older quilt, but not that old. I watched that thing like a hawk as it stitched because I wasn't sure how secure those cats were appliqued. While the stitches were a wee bit large, they were secure, and there wasn't a single issue with the quilt. It's now trimmed and ready to go. 

As usual, the next one is on the long arm, and I spent some time yesterday looking at pantos (there was a sale) and bought 7 new ones. One of which I'm going to use on the quilt that's next in line. 

Then I got the serger out and serged up six pet mats that had been waiting for completion. 

Six new pets mats ready to go

I also needed to make some new ones to fill. I managed to get eight of them serged together, and there are a few more cut and ready to be serged. I'll finish those later today. 

Pet mats ready to be filled

I don't have time to do my tour justice today, so you'll have to wait until tomorrow, but it was AMAZING. 

Have you ever participated in a quilt challenge? If not, you should consider it, as they stretch your creativity to the limit! New challenges for various shows are being revealed, and I'll share them with you. 

The first is the Cherrywood Challenge. This year's theme is Monarch, and the kit is gorgeous oranges, yellows, and greens. Check out the colors, and if you want to buy the fabric kit -- you can purchase it in Canada at Cotton Harvest ($65) -- -but be quick as there are only seven left. Should you wish to enter your quilt in the show, there is a $30 US entrance fee which covers postage, etc., which you pay when you enter the quilt. Yes -- I bought a kit. 

There is also the Trendtex Challenge hosted by the Canadian Quilter's Association which is open to anyone, but members get first dibs on purchasing a kit. I suspect there are many kits for purchase, as this is a fundraising event for that organization. You get five fat quarters, and YES -- even though I did NOT make one last year with my kit, I bought another one this year. I WILL get better organized and make something. The theme is called Making Waves. Check out the link above for the colors. Let's say that I see lots of ocean scenes with boats. The kits are $25 for members. 

And then there is the individual member challenge -- you have to be a member to join this one, and if you scroll down on the same link above, you'll see. The theme is Quilts Ahoy, and there are specific colors that need to be used - greys with red and white! 

If you are a member of a guild that belongs to the CQA, there is a guild challenge as well, and there's also a Youth Challenge, so if you know someone (a young person) who would like to enter a quilt, I believe that as a member, I can sponsor someone. Those details are on the same link!

And there is always my Out of the Box class, which is essentially a quilt challenge each month, but don't tell them that! The stuff they are creating is so super creative -- it blows me away, and I can't wait to see the results this month. 

On that note, I'm out of here! 

Have a super day!!


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