Saturday, October 22, 2022


 So it appears that I need to learn more about sharing. I keep trying to share posts on Facebook, and they only get shared with M. Sigh................ So much to learn!  Of course, she only told me last night! OK -- so I fixed that and SAVED the settings, so it shouldn't happen again! 

It's been amazing to see people I know! I ran into the important ladies from CQA yesterday, or they ran into me. Hi Heather, Jane, and Irene! And I've seen some people from my Zoom classes. There were some that I met on Zoom, and they have stopped by to say HI. 

Karen popped in to say HI, and here's a picture of Karen, Michelle, and me. Karen is one of us (educators) from the US, and she's one of the most creative people I know!

Karen, Michelle, me

And then we saw Paul yesterday. EVERYONE knows Paul. He was on his way somewhere and honored us with his presence for a bit. 

Michelle, Paul, me

There are still two days of the show, and they tell me that the show gets busier as the days go on. And so far, they seem to be right. The traffic on the first day was OK, but yesterday was very busy. And because it's Saturday, it's supposed to be even busier. So we'll see. I must admit the day just whizzed by, and it was time to return to the hotel. Let's hope today is just as busy. 

People are super interested in the quilting machines and LOVE the sit-down quilting machine. Yep -- I also love it, and if you have the room, we have an excellent price on the darn thing!

Michelle and I walked to Tim's for breakfast since we had more time in the morning than in previous days. Afterward, she went to the hotel, and I continued my walk. I ended up back at the river right by one of the rest spots I had seen before. The sun was already up, and that bench was a wee bit cool, but I didn't care. It was a beautiful spot to sit and contemplate life. 

How inviting

We don't spend enough time just contemplating life. And as I sat there looking at this view, it made me think back many years. 

The view from the bench

When I first moved to Quebec, I moved to St. Jean sur Richelieu. The "sur Richelieu" part means "on the Richelieu river." That is the Richelieu River there. We lived near the river, and I was many miles from home, and I would spend long hours sitting at the river and wondering if I had done the right thing to move so far from home. 

Who would know that I would be sitting by the same river many years later, just in a different spot! You never know where life will take you! 

But enough about the past -- I sometimes wish certain things would be different -- I think we all would, but no regrets. I had lunch with a lady from near Quebec City whose life changed many years ago when her husband (a pilot) and his student were killed in an accident, and she just found out she was pregnant. Now that is life-changing! 

So here's what's on the menu for lunch! A LUNCH TRUCK. The truck is parked outside the center, and we order inside, and they bring the food inside. Not having much experience with food trucks, I was a bit skeptical, but the food is excellent. They only take cash, so I need to find a cash machine this morning. I never carry cash, and I've been borrowing! 

The food truck

I got a chance to get out and look at some of the quilts yesterday. Can you believe 21 BED quilts are HAND quilted?? I was shocked. Some are quilted with bigger stitches, but many are quilted with small stitches. 

Hand quilting 

This quilt is hand quilted. Oh, shoot - I forgot to take a picture of the label. I'll try and get it today. This was the first picture I took -- I got labels for the others. 

Quilter's Garden Patch

I just posted a picture of this quilt last week, as we did this as a class at The Hobby Horse a few years ago. It's a Laundry Basket pattern, and my top is done but needs to be quilted. 

Then I was in another section and thought there were a lot of medallion quilts. Ah -- then I clued in when I started reading the labels. This was the mystery quilt that was designed by one of the guild members, and members participated during the pandemic. There are 29 of these quilts in the show and it was fascinating to see how different each one of them looked in different colors. 

Two of the mystery quilts

That photo shows two of them; some makers changed some of the blocks, and others added applique, but all the quilts are unique! So fun to see them all.  

I hope to get out a bit more today, but my priority is to help people who come to visit us and check out the machines. And I haven't checked out the vendors at all, although I don't need fabric, I want to just check what is out there, and there is one purchase I want to make. It's a legitimate one and involves something for our embroidery club!

I have to admit as much as I like working from home and Zooming, there is nothing like a face-to-face to connect with people. You might glean little snippets of information from a conversation you are not even part of (just a bystander, not eavesdropping) or dinner with your colleagues. Or chatting with the customers and the dealers. It's been so much fun, and we have another two days, although today, the show closes at 5 PM and tomorrow at 3 PM, so there's not a lot of time to check out the rest of the show! 

I will be glad to get home, though -- I know Miss Murphy and Lexi are missing me. Murphy even slept under DH's desk while he was working; she NEVER does that when I'm home. Oh, Murphy and Lexi -- I miss you too!!!

Where's MY MOM?

Don't forget about the mySewnet software club this coming Tuesday!!! Call Brampton Sew and Serge (905-874-1564) if you want to get signed up. And I should mention that there's a new store opening in Acton --- Sew Productive. I'll be there on Wednesday and Thursday. Come check it out -- we have lectures on Embroidery and Quilting on Thursday, and I'll answer questions on the Husqvarna Viking machines on Wednesday. 

Have a great day!!!!



  1. Oh Murphy…You are such a sweet girl! You keep Mama’s DH safe while she’s away 😊