Monday, October 3, 2022

Back to LIFE!

OH MY --- it's back to the ROUTINE! I'm on my way to spin class this morning, and I hope they let me in! I had put my membership on hold, and I see they put the return date as Novemer 30! I tried to get it changed the other day,, and they noted that I'll be in this morning. Then I can get it changed. I'm sure it will work out just fine! But it feels a bit weird to be in my cycling shorts!

I'm happy to report that the LAST of the eleventh quilt for Quilts of Valour is DONE! I'll take a group picture of them and then arrange for them to be delivered or picked up this week. A job well done, and I'm thrilled that I got all eleven done. I can't believe actually. 

The binding on the eleventh Quilts of Valour quilt

But can you tell me why it always seems to happen that I get a seam at the corner? I know some people will cut the binding and move the seam, but that seems like too much work! Some people will check the position of the seams first, so that doesn't happen, but I've dealt with it enough times that I don't bother with either. Just get that binding on and move on! 

The seam falls at the corner -- again!

Speaking of moving on, here's what else happened. I got the entire binding put on this small quilt, and it's so much faster with the smaller quilts! This binding had NOT been stitched to the quilt. 

Binding number one

And then I got the binding stitched on THREE more of the small quilts! The binding was sewn to teh back of these three quilts but needed to be topstitched in place on the front. I did all the pink ones that were sitting in that first pile of ten quilts. 

Binding number two

Binding number three

Binding number four

And a customer quilt is now quilted and trimmed. I'm so glad I got familiar with the new software version BEFORE I hit the customer quilts. Not that any of the community projects quilts got damaged or messed up, but a comfort level that I was learning on someone's precious quilt! 

Customer quilt - DONE

The next quilt is loaded and ready to go! I'm trying to wean myself off the quilting and do only one a day, even though a couple of the next ones are small. One a day --- I have OTHER things to work on! 

I managed to dig out the Halloween quilt, and it's hung up! The pile of other quilts did NOT get messed up too badly! But I hope to keep working on those bindings so they will get done by the end of this month!

DH said it was too early to hang up Halloween quilt. I don't think so -- it's October, and Halloween candy has been in the grocery store for weeks! Besides, this quilt took a ton of time to make, and I want to finally enjoy it! It's in the family room, so I can see it daily!

My Halloween quilt is on display!

Poor Lexi --- she has such a terrible time on the walk. A couple of months ago, her leash broke while on the walk. The metal part of the clip fell apart and she wasn't attached to the leash any longer. 

I still haven't got the leash repaired, and she is very much enjoying the retractable leash, so I've been using that. For the most part, she trots along at a  S L O W pace, but every once in a while, she will run ahead to try and catch a squirrel, and for the most part, she knows when the end of the leash is near and stops! Only ONCE did she get to the end of the rope and got yanked! 

However, as we were walking along, suddenly, I felt something give, and the next thing I knew, the retracting thing was no longer working. So now I had a LOT of cord to deal with. I have a smaller retractable leash at home, which I will use until it breaks, and then it's back to a 6-foot lead! Or I might break down and buy her a new retractable leash since she likes it much better and it works for her. Murphy, on the other hand? Nope -- not even going there - it would be broken within minutes!

Lexi's leash broke on the walk! 

Those girls are so silly. Lexi was lying on her back with her legs in the air, but I missed that one. But now she's doing the face thing. Is that an itch? A face wash? Or just being silly? 

NO pictures please! 

Murphy just likes to be entertained by chasing her ball. It was such a nice day that we sat in the back for a while and played ball. I LOVE when it goes somewhere in the bushes or near the pond, and she can't find it. She loves to climb all over the rocks looking for the ball! It's pretty entertaining, to say the least. 

Mom -- I will find it!

It's in the bushes - but where?

OH -- maybe the ball is over here?

Then I spotted her at one point in the backyard sitting like this. 


Very regal --- what is going on in her head? And so serious! She must have dropped her ball and was deciding if she should bark for me to come to get it or should she just bring it to me? 

Oh Murphy -- what trouble are you thinking of? 

And then there is the question of the kitchen. These girls love vegetables! If they hear someone go to the kitchen to prepare something, they are right there! One of them is subtle in her presence. 

Are there treats? 

While the other has no problem to boldly sit and wait. 

Mom -- WHERE are the treats?

I blame DH for making this a common occurrence. OK --- so I will throw them a tidbit or two as well, but he is worse than I am at it! 

But last night, I decided to make some whipped cream (I know -- I'm not supposed to be eating desserts, but it's PUMPKIN pie season), and guess who NEEDED to lick one of the beaters! Oh, Murphy --- she reminds me of myself when I was a kid! Oh, alright -- I licked the other one last night! 

Mom -- this is YUMMY - Where's the other one?

Well, the holiday is OVER, and I have one class and one club for next Sunday, so I have lots of time to prepare. Now if I can focus on those projects like I did on the quilting? I'll get loads done!!! 

Oh, by the way --- the book - The Cemetary Keeper's Wife is based on a TRUE story. Who knew? It was only when I read the acknowledgments at the back of the book that I realized that. But if you search for  Tillie Smith --- there really was a Tillie Smith who was murdered! Anyway --- I did enjoy the book. 

Well, on that note, it's time to get moving! 

Have a super day!!!


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