Wednesday, October 19, 2022

You'll get a charge!

 A travel day -- always my favorite day of any trip. Well, only when things go well, and yesterday was a great travel day. 

My flight was at 10 AM, so I left the house at 8:30 AM and was at the airport by 9. You have to love Uber and HOV lanes, which make it super easy to get there even in rush hour. Since I was already checked in and had only carry-on luggage, I zipped to security. There were no lines, but I still went through the NEXUS line. 

The biggest challenge was a couple who seemed to have never traveled before, although they were young and looked like they would have traveled. They took forever to empty weird stuff from their carry-on, including a clock radio! Go figure. 

But soon, I was on my way to the gate. Oh -- should I mention that I got through security even with my tiny little box cutter. I had thrown it in my bag, and as I stood there and watched so many bags get pulled for a secondary check, mine did not. Despite everything, that couple took out -- their bags still got pulled for a hand check. 

OH -- and I should mention that the Air Canada staff was making people put their carry-on into that rack and tagging it for carry-on. My bag is so small it fell into that rack, so there is no danger of it being too big. However, I noticed that several people did NOT check, which means, of course, that their bags are too big! I hate that -- if you want a larger bag -- then check the darn thing!

And so when I got on the plane, even though I was fairly near the front, there was no room for my little suitcase. But it fit under the seat, and the steward put my backpack up top, which was fine. That loading by zone is a pain since I was in Zone 5. But it's all about status and who pays what fare on the plane, not where you sit! 

I remember when I went to Spain, people were milling around to board, thinking that if they had Zone 5, they would get on before Zone 1. Think again!!! 

I should take a picture of my suitcase. I have an extra pair of shoes, three pairs of pants, five tops, a sweater and what else do I need? I have no idea what people carry in those larger suitcases? Seriously??? Even the taller carry-on? What could possibly be in there? I even have some fabric in my suitcase, and I could still have put a lot more in. And yes -- I have socks and underwear! There's almost no need to bring a ton of toiletries -- most hotels have them, and they are a pain to deal with at security. I bring my toothbrush and toothpaste. It's all about being a minimalist! 

My colleague Michelle picked me up from the airport, and my boss rented a car. It's a long story, and I won't go into it. It was lunchtime, and we stopped for a bite to eat. OH MY --- we are super close to where I used to live, so I made Michelle drive me past the house. 

Did I mention where I am? Montreal!! So the flight is only one hour, and that was nice. Up and down!

Destination - YUL

Here's my house, and good thing I checked it out on Google a couple of months ago because I would have been shocked. I don't have a picture of the original house with me, but of course, when I left 32 years ago, there were NO trees around the house, so it looked pretty bare. The room has been changed to a black metal roof -- that is brand new this year. The window frames are black, which I really like, and the front door has been changed. But what is really different is the addition over the garage. There was NOTHING over the garage when we built it! 

My old house in DDO (Montreal)

We designed the house with an architect, and I HATED her. I wanted that window over the front door to be bigger, but she said NO -- it would throw the symmetry of the house out of whack. I also wanted a room over the garage, and again, she said NO -- that wouldn't be safe with fumes from the car. Well, whose house is this?? Anyway -- it is what it is, but it was also a weird design inside because it was on a corner, but I liked living there even though we only lived there for a couple of years. 

That room right beside the garage on the bottom floor used to be my office, and it had the most amazing view out the window! I loved that room, and it would be my sewing room today! 

Then we were off to get organized for setting up the show. We managed to get in a bit early (the official setup day is today), and we got some of the bigger and fiddlier stuff set up, so I feel good about that. Otherwise, today would be a very long day!

Oh shoot -- I forgot to upload the picture of the center we are in, but we're in St. Hyacinthe, which is east of Montreal, and because there are not a lot of hotels, we're staying in Beloeil, which is about 20 minutes away. Not ideal, but it is what it is. 

Courtepointe Quebec!

This show is a bi-annual show, and because of COVID, it hasn't happened in 4 years. All the quilts were up yesterday, and we ran around the show's perimeter, taking a quick peek. I had just mentioned to my sewing buddies that I'm about done with quilt shows and had no interest in looking at more quilts, but I think I will enjoy this one. There is a wide range of quilts and some interesting displays, and I have four days to view them. 

My boss rented a Ford vehicle, and the navigation system makes me drool. It's this HUGE screen in the car, and it's so easy to connect. I can only sigh that my car just doesn't get it. Why? I will be checking with Toyota when I get back home to see if there is any upgrade that can be done. I NEED Android Carplay in my car. Toyota, at the time, said -- OH -- we only need Apple CarPlay. WHAT????

The navigation system in the car

OK -- with all the traveling, one needs to be careful of what cords you pack. Do you have the laptop and the power cord? The Fitbit charging cord, etc. I have TWO charging cables for my phone, and when I got home from Spain, I couldn't find either, even though I had only taken one of them with me. Hmm -- where could they be? 

I checked all my cords, which are NOT labeled, and found a short one that would work for the phone. I've no idea where that one came from. I didn't even know I had it. Then one day, I had to dig out Murphy's ball from the small cabinet beside my computer in the office. And what did I see in the wall? 

One of the missing chargers!

I do not remember putting it there, as I do NOT normally charge my phone in the office. Oh well, I was happy to find the longer cord. 

Then when I was hit with those new blisters in my running shoes, I decided to try my hiking shoes. And when I went to put one of them on, guess what I found inside? The CHARGING cord that I had taken to Spain, and I had coiled it up and put it in the shoe for safe keeping. So now I was back to my two charging cords, and I had a third short one. 

The missing charge cord for my phone

So can you tell me why I didn't bring it with me to Montreal? I thought I did, but when I went to plug in my phone, I realized that this is the charger for my HEADPHONES. Sigh...........

Fortunately, the front desk had one that I'm borrowing. It's LONG, but it'll save me, at least. And I should label the darn things when I get home. Or wouldn't it be nice if all devices had the same charging end? That would make things way too simple! 

I'm not sure if the girls are impressed or not when they are required to go for a walk together. I was short on time yesterday, so they went together. Maybe they like it -- but I do NOT! While they look so cute together, one wants to go 100 KM a minute, and the other wants to sniff everything. I think you already know which is which!

The girls on their morning walk

I don't think they are too impressed when Mom goes away because they do NOT get walked at all. Not my choice, but they will live. They get out in the backyard, but they are always super excited when I'm home because they know what that means!!!

Well, it's time for me to get out for a walk before the day starts, and we're off to set up! 

Have a super day!!!



  1. Maybe have your cords and chargers in one zippered bag. Keeps them together and easy to find 😉

    1. That is an excellent idea. I have extra and they should be together. My plan is to make a small bag to put them in. Perhaps a ziploc will be faster!!