Saturday, April 22, 2023

Choosing thread colors for a quilt

What is a FAKE Uber driver, and how to avoid them? 

Here's a quick lesson on Uber. I've become a huge fan of Uber after MUCH coaxing from DH to switch from taxis to Uber. I hated taxis because you have to deal with the money at the end of the ride and how much to tip. 

So Uber does everything on the Uber app, so you don't have to worry about that as they charge your account, which is linked to your credit card. You get a nice detailed receipt, and you can see where you are going on the app and how long it'll take you to get there. You can rate the drivers, and they can rate you. You set up the ride on the app, or you can do it on their website. 

You get the make and color of the car and their license plate, so if you're in a public place (not your home), it's easy to spot the vehicle unless you are in Quebec, where they do not have license plates on the front of their cars! 

There is a special pickup place at airports to avoid getting confused with the other ground transportation methods. 

I am embarrassed to tell this story because I know better, and my grandfather always told me to look like I know what I'm doing, but I got scammed. 

I needed to find out where the pickup area was at the Denver Airport, so I made my way to that area BEFORE I opened the app to request a ride. While I was standing there and I didn't appear lost, but I was struggling to find the darn hotel to where I was going. Again -- all of this information is in the app -- I believe it works with Google Maps. 

I struggled to find that hotel -- OK -- so Hilton and Holiday Inn are NOT the same, and I had the wrong name. Totally my fault - I was NOT in a rush, and there was NO need to panic. A lady in a van drove up and asked if I needed an Uber ride. She told me the price, which I thought was high, but it was a 45-minute drive after all. While in the van, I'm still trying to locate the hotel on the app. Oh -- got it, and I noticed that the price she quoted me was the Uber XL price, not the regular ride I take. 

At this point, I realized that she might not be an Uber driver, but I noticed she had a PROMINENT Uber sign on the windshield. We had quite a conversation, and I did NOT confront her about being fake because it hadn't crossed my mind yet. She said the higher price was because most drivers would not drive me 45 minutes - they would cancel. Blah, blah, blah. 

Oh -- she was at the airport because her passenger canceled on her. 

Then I think about how I will pay her since it's all done on the app. OH -- she has a Square. Bottom line -- I even tipped her, which is the part that kills me. 

So if you are into taking Uber, which I highly recommend, DO NOT get into any vehicle regardless of how many Uber signs they have on the car. EVERYTHING must be booked through the app or the website, or they are FAKE!!!!!! 

Lesson learned, and it only cost me $60 extra, so I got off easy, but the principle of the whole thing makes my blood boil! I got scammed, and I gave her a tip for scamming me -- that hurts!

And try to report a FAKE Uber driver? Well, that story isn't over. Stay tuned. 

I haven't turned on a sewing machine in days! I did get some cutting done for stuff that needs to be stitched, and let's hope I can eke out a bit of time, but with everything that I have to prepare these days, there isn't a lot of time. But that will always be the case for me. Don't worry -- I still get LOTS of "me" time. 

Stuff that needs to be stitched

However, I confess that I did NOT go for a second walk yesterday, but I only missed my walking goal by 2 KM, so I can't complain, but I have THREE days left to finish my challenge. It's doable but going to be very tight. 

Choosing thread colors for a quilt is always an exciting game. Not only do you have to consider the color of the quilt, but what about the backing? Especially if the backing is considerably darker than the front? Remember that value and contrast can play a huge part in the quilt, and then what do you do with a multi-color quilt? 

You audition -- that's what you do. So I grabbed three colors -- medium grey, light green, and blue. Why did I pick those colors instead of purple, red, or yellow? All three colors are HARDER to work with because they stand out. Cool colors or neutrals work best on most quilts, and experience tells me so. 

And don't get me started on what experience can teach you! If you are not doing, you are NOT learning. I just don't get people who are afraid of making mistakes -- I see it every day, and it drives me crazy. But they had different upbringings than I did, so that is how they roll, but I can't imagine living in fear of trying something new. I EMBRACE change - even if I don't always like it! 

Auditioning thread colors

It's tough to see in the picture, but the middle one is light green, so it got nixed immediately as it's way too bright. 

Not only did I lay them out on the red, but I laid the thread across multiple colors to see how those three worked with more than one color family. 

More thread auditioning

The bottom thread is grey, and the top is blue. Grey was my first choice, and I went with that one. 

Three color choices

I think the grey was perfect as it shows up, but it does not overpower the quilt on any of the colors. 

Can you see the grey thread?

I choose colors to find something that blends (or shows) equally on all colors of the quilt. Some quilts are easier than others to find that perfect color, and this one was easy. 

The grey on the blue

And it quilted up like a charm! When I'm quilting the next one, I'll get this trimmed. I'm not counting the quilts there are to quilt, but I need to get quite a few done before I leave for the retreat, so let's say the long arm will be busy from now to then. I have a couple smaller ones, but I know some giant ones are waiting to be done! 

Customer quilt - DONE

Darlene and I attended the reception for a SAQA (Studio Art Quilt Associates) show at Wyndham Art Supplies in Guelph. Sadly, the art supply store was closed when we arrived. I could spend hours wandering around, touching, and looking at everything. But the show was amazing, and I got to see some people I hadn't seen in a long time, so it was good to touch base with them. The show is on until May 13, so if you can, get out there! It's a beautiful show. 

Then it was home and the skies were angry. This was the view when I parked the car in the driveway around 8 PM. I LOVE clouds, and this was fascinating to see. It's because of those clouds I didn't get in those last 2 KM; I wasn't going to get caught in the rain. 

The sky at night

That about covers it for today. There's so much more happening, but little time to tell!!! I have two presentations today; one is done, and the other needs work! 

OH -- if you forgot to sign up for the Timely Techniques at Thimbles and Things (on Zoom), you must let me know because the first lecture is today!!!!

Have a super day!!!!


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