Saturday, April 8, 2023

It's all about the books

OK -- so yesterday was so much fun, I might be tempted to retire and only do my own thing! I loaded the backing for a very large quilt on the long arm, and I'll load the top this afternoon and quilt it. 

Then I decided to tackle a bit of tidy-up. Now here's the thing -- the place looked a mess, with stuff strewn everywhere. But because everything has a home and I don't store things on my worktables, it really didn't take long before it looked like a workable space again! All that hard work in the past has really paid off!

I started with the stack of stuff that came home with me. All the plastic bags got put away in their respective spot -- so easy when things are labeled and have a home. For the taping, I had to make a lot of duplicates of the project, so the things that didn't get used are now in one spot, and it shouldn't take long to finish those up! 

What I brought home

Then a total change of direction, as I thought I'd tackle the bookcases. Here are the two books I bought at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum. This was assembled by the Museum and is a collection of art quilts. I love picture books of quilts or stories about quilts. 

A book on art quilts

This is the second book I bought at the Museum. I love picture books of any kind of quilt - both historical and contemporary or whatever. These books are fantastic eye candy. It astounds me that so many people do NOT want these books. Does anyone have books out there that they don't want? I already have a lot, but there is always more out there. 

A book about historical quilts

I decided to assemble all the picture/historical books on one shelf. 

The bookcase

There is another bookcase on the other side of that small wall, but it's mostly filled with magazines. OK -- so there's a huge pile of books on that shelf as well. But let's start with this bookcase. I got 1/4 of it done in very little time, and I discovered some things along the way. 

OH -- I have two copies of the same book. The first one (the blue one) was published in 1978 and republished in 1993. The only thing different in them is the forward by Micheal. I probably do NOT need two copies, but it's neat to have that book from 1978! I hadn't even started quilting in 1993! There would have been very few books on the market about quilt making! 

Some of the first quilting books on the market

Someone posted about this book, and I was sure I had it after they mentioned it. So I dug and found it. This book was conceptualized by people who worked or volunteered at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum! I would have been very upset if I had not discovered this Museum. Thank goodness for geocaching! 

A book about historical quilts

One day, I need to sit down and start reading these books and understanding the history of quilts! I think it's fascinating, and I need to spend some time with my book stash. 

I also need to catalog all the books, especially these ones. This is what I've pulled from 1/4 of that bookcase. 

My stash of quilt history and/or picture books

That leaves a hole, but I"m not ready to fill it yet. I'll move books around until I get a completely empty shelf. Then these will go on it. 

A gap in the bookcase

I should be further sorting the other books -- scraps quilts, applique, modern, or whatever, but I do NOT want to pull all the books off, so I might pick one category at a time. I'll figure something out, but they do need to be dealt with! 

There are loads of apps for cataloging books, and some that you can load the books using your phone. I'll have to do some research!

Some things went to the steps to be brought upstairs, most of which are now on the kitchen table, and I'll deal with it throughout today. 

Stuff to be brought upstairs

While clearing up the cutting table, I had a few half-square triangles to trim, and they are now where they should be. 

Trimming half-square triangles

I had some sewing to do this morning, but before I even touched the machine, it desperately needed a new needle and a cleaning. I had pushed the limit before I left, and that needle was protesting! 

Cleaning the sewing machine

And the rest of the day went to the dogs! This Lexi, who has become very lazy, thinks the couch/sofa is her domain and is quite happy to jump up at any time of the day. But it's her eyes. She won't lift her head; she just follows you with her eyes!

MOM -- I can see you! 

And then she gets silly! 

Mom - STOP - put that camera away!

Murphy is all about being outside as long as someone is out there with her! I sat in the gazebo for a bit, even though the temperature wasn't all that warm. And there's Murphy, with her stress bear and a ball, almost on the pond's edge. Her favorite spot! 

MOM -- look at me! 

But what she really wanted was my smoothie! 

MOM -- can I have some of your smoothie - my tongue is long! 

There was a gentle breeze that made the wind chimes tinkle, and it was a glorious day!

The wind chimes tinkling

And I see I have a repair job to do. Actually, this is going to be larger than a repair job. This is the ottoman that's in the living room. It's been in a sunny room for almost 25 years, and I think the fabric is just done! Yikes -- Now I have to reupholster it or find someone to do that for me! 

The ottoman needs repair

I'm pretty much ready for my Barn Star Sampler class this morning. A good thing we start at 10:30 and not 9:30 because while I have all the pictures taken, they are NOT in the presentation! That won't take long -- I'm very good at assembling photos! 

So it's great to be back home again (John Denver!) and have some downtime! But I have to unpack those suitcases today because they need to be repacked for my two events this week. And that quilt needs to be quilted! 

I took the girls for an evening walk as I needed to get in an extra KM or two. And I walked 16 KM yesterday! Yeah -- I will get through this challenge - only 17 days left!

Have a super day!!!



  1. YEA YOU!!!!! Life is soooo much easier when everything has it's place. When I finish a day in the studio "everything in it's proper place" or "the quilt has been trimmed and the trimmings stowed in their proper places". I consistently cut bits into their biggest strip or if small into squares for my squares boxes. Anything larger than a 5" square goes on top of it's color stack in my stash for the next one.

    I love that you're loving being organized. Absolutely worth the agony of decision making and work!

  2. I use the Libib app. Entering the books using iPad and barcodes was a breeze. I had to enter some manually but the majority went I with barcodes. Over time I also entered all my quilt patterns. Recently I added my rulers. So helpful in knowing what I own. I use the app for barcode entry but like the web interface best.

  3. I have 2 books by Mary Bywater Cross. I even attended a lecture she gave. I have a poster for one of the books, and she signed it and my books.
    If you like the Sandra Dallas books, you should also read a series by Nancy E. Turner. It's a fiction series, but has historical details and has some quilting things in the story. There are 4 books, and the series starts with "These Is My Words".

  4. I had treasures in the trunk and the quilt that walked to Golden, loved them! Sweet girls 🥰 happy Easter 🐣