Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Listen to your feet

I'll provide more information on the pouches tomorrow as I have two of them, and I want to show you both, as they are similar, yet quite different. 

So there's bad news today. Not super bad news, but to me -- it's not good. However, it's an early wake-up call, and I better be doing some more research. 

The other day when I was out walking the girls, I felt a hot spot developing on the inside of my left heel. This surprised me as I have walked over 150 KM in this current pair of running shoes, so you think that all was OK. The socks are the same inexpensive athletic socks I wore in my New Balance shoes and had zero issues. 

Why did this happen? Let's take a peek at the temperature for a clue. Last week was very hot, and I am trying to remember which day the hot spot started, but it was likely two days into the heat spell. What will the temperature be like in Spain this summer? It won't be cool - at least not once the sun comes up! 

I think my blisters result from HEAT (and last year, the smaller shoe didn't help!). Rather than listening to my feet, I wore the same shoe/sock combo the next day, and YES -- I got a blister. Silly me for thinking it would just go away, which is probably why I ended up in such trouble last year. 

Rather than lament what happened, this is an excellent opportunity to understand blister care and figure out how to prevent blisters. 

I've got my wee medical kit for traveling, with my needle and thread, and I've been draining the darn thing for two days. It is healing OK and definitely not getting worse. 

So, I switched my shoes as well. I decided to try my Teva sandals. Yes -- -with white socks -- well, they are not so white, but you get the idea. 

Socks and sandals

That worked well until one sock started to slip off while walking the dogs. 

Slippage issue

It became a total nuisance, so I completely removed the sock. I know -- it looks ridiculous, but I'm walking the dog -- who will care? 

More comfortable

I'm almost home, and the other sock starts slipping. 

More slippage

So I came home with no socks, and it's much colder this week than last! When I went for my afternoon walk, I pulled out a thicker pair of hiking socks, and those worked fine with the sandals, so that's what I'm wearing this week until the blister completely heals. Then as long as it's cool, I can wear those running shoes. 

No socks

Now I'm off to find a thin pair of socks with "wicking" abilities to test that combination and see if it prevents future blisters in the heat. 

What a mess. I've NEVER had issues in the past, and I've been walking in the heat with running shoes before. Times change, and so do our bodies!

Poor Murphy. The sewing machine's foot pedal was on HER mat, so she had to curl around it. I don't understand why she wouldn't move it? No --- much easier to look sad and pathetic than move something!

MOM-- – I need more room for me!

Then when I was sewing later in the day, she parks herself beside my chair. At the top of the picture, you can just see the front edge of the foot pedal for this machine, and my chair is off to the left to not disturb her. Seriously? Talk about ergonomic sewing -- NOT! Oh yes --- maybe I should have moved that other foot pedal for her. 

MOM --- can you see me? 

I'm making some progress in the tidy-up process in Studio B. The computer/Zoom table is looking pretty clean. Loads of technology, and everything is working just fine! 

The Zoom table

A few things on the ironing board need to be dealt with today. The list of THREE things per day is really making me focus on clearing up some small things and some of the larger projects. 

The ironing board 

Even my sewing table is pretty clear, which is great. I need to move that serger to the other side of the work table, but this is looking good! 

The sewing area is clear

The cutting mat is taking the brunt of the mess, but it gets clear, then it gets messy. NONE of this resides permanently on that table. It's my GO TO work area, so I don't mind a little mess. I'm even making an effort to clear off that current projects table. Slow and steady, and the list of three gives me three things to do in a day. I'm a wee bit behind, but I'll catch up this week, plus adding three new things every day. Break it down into manageable bits! 

The cutting table with things to deal with today

A few things have been collected on the floor that also need to be dealt with. For some of them, I'm packaging with the necessary thread and supplies, and it goes into the retreat box, or I deal with it as I go. 

Some stuff on the floor to deal with

I'm thrilled with the progress, and I'll be back at the long arm later this afternoon. I had a Zoom session on the mySewnet software and one more this morning. Then two days of no outside commitments. The mound of paperwork is still on the floor in the office, and I need to spend one hour today working on some of it. There are a few e-mails that NEED to go out today, including the acknowledgment of the Timely Techniques (Thimbles and Things) sign-up that is this weekend. 

There were three challenges that I wanted to participate in - two for Quilt Canada in June. I thought I missed the deadlines, but I still have time. So I spent some time designing one of them yesterday, which is super cute. I plan to start stitching that one today. 

I've unpacked one of the suitcases, but rather than empty the second one, I will go through it and see what needs to be added and leave it packed for some events coming up at Stitch by Stitch in May. The dates are May 18 and 19. I'll give you more information tomorrow as I'm running out of time! 

Have a great day, and take care of your feet!


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  1. Yesterday, I had a sewing machine repair man come to my
    house and work on my Singer 503A, which is 60 years old. I am not the original owner, but I hope to leave it in good shape for the next owner. He did basic maintenance and taught me how to have better stitches when using the zigzag stitches. He also identified my extra feet, so I know how to use them.
    Then he worked on a serger that I had given up on, and now it is great shape! All of this for a very reasonable price!

    Sometimes we put off maintenance on our machines or ourselves, because of time, money, fear, lack of knowledge, or just inertia. I am glad my machines are in top shape. I know you will be happy to get and keep your feet in great shape.
    I am looking forward to "walking with you" when you return to Spain. Keep refining your plan; I know you are going to have a much better experience this summer!