Monday, April 3, 2023

The final countdown

The final countdown. In a little over 24 hours, I'll be on my way to the airport. Will the second deadline be finished? I have no choice, as it ALL has to be done, as it's not something I can fluff my way through. 

I'm happy to report that EXCELLENT progress was made yesterday. There is NO audiobook happening, no radio, nothing but silence, and you know what? I LOVE it! I've got time to think, to reflect, my brain is relaxed, there is no rush, and so far - no panic! Everything is going as planned. 

We had two excellent club sessions in the morning -- one on EQ8 and the other on Digital Cutters. We are learning so much from each other! I'd like to spend a bit more time with the digital cutter, but right now, that's impossible. But I'm OK with that -- other things have priority. 

Again, I couldn't keep up with the machines. After the clubs were over and I had lunch, it was 12:30. I had to finish the quilt top, which was on the long arm by 2 PM. While the long arm was running, I tried finishing the other quilt top. The quilt was quilted before I finished piecing the other top or very close to finishing both simultaneously. That one is trimmed and waiting for the binding, which I hoped to do yesterday. Here's a picture of the back!

My quilt is quilted!

I decided to take a break from that project and start working on the others, which were more or less "planned" in my head --- again, amazing what your brain can do when it's not occupied by noise! 

I pulled out fabrics, products, tools, and other supplies. Then it was time to cull down what I had and start to work. I made EXCELLENT progress on those six other projects, and the six actually blossomed into eleven! I know --- silly me. 

What I love is the ability to use my tools without struggling. I needed a pattern to trace, which I quickly drew in EQ8. It's printed out and already used. Then I needed something very specific, which I made using a stamp on fabric, but then I wanted to recreate the stamp with the embroidery machine. Hmmm -- my brain had been mulling that one over all day. So I sat at the laptop and opened the embroidery program, which is still in French. 

I took a few minutes to regroup myself and then headed into the Sketch module, and before I knew it -- I had my design in the correct size. Then over to the embroidery machine to stitch it, which worked like a charm! I'm happy with the results, and it's nice to use the tools to their fullest. OK -- so this wasn't using the tools to the fullest, but it allowed me to do what I wanted. It's really not anything huge, but I'm happy. You'll get to see it at some point. There is one more design to stitch out on the embroidery machine, as I needed several of these components. 

However, this is why we need to keep our cutting tables clear. I was cutting a border, and oops -- I accidentally chopped up three half-square triangles waiting to be trimmed!

Half-square triangles, chopped, not trimmed

We have Monday sewing today, and I'll be joining the group for a bit, and then I need to bow out and get back to serious work. I have a couple of errands that also HAVE to be done today, which are related to the trip. As I said, good progress was made, and I went to bed knowing that a good part of the prep was done and it shouldn't take too long to make the items. They are very small. 

I see there is an F11 error on the dishwasher this morning. I don't have 15 minutes to spare, but I guess I'll have to fix that. 

And with all that craziness yesterday, I managed to get my 13 KM for the day. Even though I'm crunched for time, I will NOT give up the walks. That is my processing time. I remember things on the walk, I solve problems on the walk, and I get to check out the neighborhood. 

This house at the end of our street has a less-than-desirable yard, as a wild tree in the front has taken over the entire yard. It's also a house where I've never seen the blinds open or any lights on in the house. Very weird. 

This tree was growing OVER the driveway as well, and last year, some of those branches were cut and left in the driveway. Now I see that many more branches have been cut, and those, too, are in the driveway. The entire tree needs to be cut down (as much as I hate to see trees cut), not just trim the branches 6 feet from the base. I wonder how long the mess will last? 

A messy tree-trimming

And look who is coming to the neighborhood! Yes -- I know they are not the best thrift store in town, but I don't care. I will love to pop in weekly to see if I can find any treasures. I want a thrift shop near me, like the one that Katheleen goes to. That one is a small community-run shop with all kinds of treasures. But this is better than none. It's on my walk!

A new store coming to the neighborhood

Oh, Miss Murphy is quite the character and loves her new mushroom! She also loves bringing rocks into the house and putting them in her bed so she can attempt to eat them. Why? No Idea. 

Miss Murphy, in bed, with her new toy

On each page of the Happiness journal is a saying, which I barely pay attention to, but this one was quite appropriate. OK -- so I don't always make a list -- it's in my head, but STAY CALM is the key. And NOTHING is insurmountable! 

An appropriate quote

While I will have loads of fun this week (after I finish the projects), I can't wait to get back home. I have ONE Zoom on Friday, and then NOTHING booked for Saturday. That will be my first full day off in over a month, and I can't wait! I hope the weather is nice because I plan to sit in the gazebo most of the day! Although I have two clubs to prep for on Sunday! And then there are three weeks at home! Yeah!!

On that note, I'm off to spin class this morning and then back to the sweatshop!

Have a great day!!!



  1. Saturday we have a Zoom class, correct? Did I write the wrong date?

  2. Yes, the Barn Star Sampler, I have April 8th at 10:30 from your notes!

  3. I was thinking the same thing...yes we have a class on Saturday. Also, the house that never turns on the lights...maybe they work nights and sleep during the day/afternoon. Or they have people locked in the rooms.