Friday, April 7, 2023

Home again!

I'm home! And it's for three weeks this time, and I'm so excited! As much as March was pretty fun and exciting, that was a crazy schedule, and I'm glad it's over. The best news -- I met all the deadlines, had a blast, and learned so much stuff. And for those of you who laugh when I say, "I just need to get over these next two weeks," those two weeks are over! FOR REAL! 

Now it's time to get back in the groove of life. I've got a studio that desperately needs to be cleaned up, suitcases that need to be unpacked, and quilts that need to be quilted. There will always be something that needs to be done! I still need to empty the suitcase from the guild presentation I did a few weeks ago. The living room is getting crowded! 

Suitcases that need to be unpacked

The day started with me zipping over to that ONE pedestrian crosswalk near the hotel to get to the Marine Memorial. Here, I found a geocache, which was camouflaged quite nicely. Can you spot it to the left of the tree trunk? 

A geocache in a tree

That allowed me to get the badge for the State of Colorado, which makes a total of 13 states that I've gone geocaching. I've been to several other US states, but that was before I picked up geocaching. 

My geocaching badge for Colorado!

I only have 37 more US badges to collect! I've geocached in all provinces and territories in Canada except one! 

The sun rose while I was there, so I got a nice picture, and the memorial is off to the left. 

Sunrise in Golden

Then I went to have breakfast and finished packing. Oh my -- I should take pictures of my project bags as I brought them home. When I left, they were NEATLY organized in plastic bags. The thread for this part, the bobbins, all the bits, and pieces. When I came home, they were crammed into one or two bags. A total mess, but who cares! And as I mentioned, I left quite a bit of the stuff at the studio. I literally had to make duplicates of the stuff to show the process. And all the finished things stayed there. 

While I would have loved one or two more books from the Museum bookshop (HEY --- I could call them and have them ship to my US address) and then have the package forwarded to Canada. I might do that! Shoot -- I should have made arrangements while I was there! Anyway -- my suitcase was heavy enough with what I had, and books are HEAVY!

I got to the airport in plenty of time. Unlike many airports, the Denver airport is way out in the country. Thank goodness for the extra time because the entire process to get to the gate was one big long line. I didn't go to the check-in counter as I had done so on my phone, but I did NOT get TSA pre-check which I usually do. So I got in the long line like everyone else. That process took 30 minutes -- something I'm not used to, but I survived. DH said -- he would have gone to the counter to get the TSA Pre-check. 

There were multiple X-ray machine lines to get into, and I seemed to pick the slowest one. I saw people who were way behind me in the line that went through a different line much faster. But the hassle of taking off my shoes, taking out all the electronics, and then I had to go through the big X-ray machine. 

I got flagged because "hot" spots showed up in some of those private areas of my body! Thankfully, one of the guys said - this is not a problem and allowed me through. Then to repack everything. It could have been worse, and I had loads of time, so I wasn't in a flap. 

Instead of walking to the gate, I took the train this time-- I had no choice, and I arrived at the gate area. Yep-- I recognize this from when I arrived. There were few places to eat, and they all had long lines. But I got something to eat and then sat and read my book until time to board. This time, my carry-on suitcase did NOT need to be checked for size. 

The flight was pretty uneventful, and as we arrived in Toronto, we got a great view of the city. OH -- I did not see the mountains in Denver as we took off toward the east, and the mountains were behind! 

Toronto from the air

Once I got home, two very excited girls were waiting for me. They are just two crazies who -- well, they were beside themselves with excitement! After I had something to eat, I decided to take them for a walk - together. Oh my -- that was not fun until they settled down. 

Then I curled up in the living room with my book and tried to get some peace and quiet. 

MOM -- you need to pay attention to us!

But they are attention seekers, to say the least, and soon they were up to their usual antics. 

MOM -- are you looking at us? 

And then, despite stuff on the ottoman, Lexi jumped as if it were her spot. So what is it with her? She's trying to get away from Murphy, but that isn't going to help! 

MOM -- I'm safe from Murphy up here!

I see I have to walk 14 KM daily for the next 18 days to finish my Virtual Challenge on time. Hmm --- if the weather is nice, I should be able to do that, no problem. Having fewer deadlines or commitments is going to help enormously. 

I have some paperwork that I'd like to get done today, and I have THREE Zoom sessions to prep for, so that should be quick, and it will be much more relaxing than last month. What will I do with all this time? 

Not to worry -- I'll find a way to occupy my time! 

Before I left, someone forwarded me the link to this quilt show in Swift Current, Sask. Have a read! Check out the pictures at the end. And who is Pam Robertson? I want to hear her talk! 

On that note, I"m out of here. The girls will go for their walk one at a time this morning! 

Have a super day!!!


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  1. I purchased pre-TSA. Worth every penny. X-rays? Well, I have 2 bionic knees that I love very much ;-) They are never the hotspot-it's a shoulder, a hip, an ankle. None of those have ever had a stitch let alone metal installed. Who knows why?!

    Happy homecoming and settling in. I have faith you'll get it all organized!