Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Mission accomplished!!

OH --- my day off (Saturday) isn't really a day off. I goofed and forgot to put the Barn Star Sampler in there! Thanks to Elle for her eagle eye to catch that slip! I've got all day Friday, minus one Zoom, to prep. After the last couple of days - that's loads of time. 

Let's just say that the last three days were "fun," but not FUN. There wasn't time to allow my brain to get distracted by an audiobook or music. It was the sound of silence, and I worked like mad. However, the good news is that I DID IT!! 

All the pieces are made and stowed in baggies with thread, sewing machine feet, and a metal hoop with lots of magnets. And the best part, it all fit in my carry-on, which weighs 18 pounds -- the limit is 22, so I'm golden! My backpack is rather full as there's a jacket in there, but I'm good. I just checked -- there is NO weight limit on carry-on, but you have to be able to put it in the overhead bin without assistance. I'm good with that. 

Here's what you get to see of my efforts. LOTS of thread ends again. 

Lots of thread ends!

While I tried to keep the cutting table neat, it looks like this and will stay that way until the weekend. 

The cutting table is a mess

And there's the pile of stuff that I've packed in the suitcase!

My completed projects

It doesn't look like much, but that took HOURS and HOURS of work to get ready. 

I even squeezed in a haircut and a manicure yesterday, both urgently needed for this trip. And that's all the clues you will get at this point. 

The dishwasher got fixed, but there was no time to empty it and refill it with the dishes on the counter. DH will have to do that later today. 

Two hours of critical paperwork were also accomplished, and an hour with the Monday group as we reviewed quilts from the Etobicoke Quilt Show. Let's say that I was exhausted when I went to bed at 9:15 PM. Let's not forget that spin class in the morning, which always sucks a lot of energy out of me. And I still managed to get in 12 KM of walking for the day. I missed my daily goal by 1 KM, but I can make up for that this afternoon. 

I will arrive at my destination this morning and have NOTHING to do until tomorrow morning. Well, I have notes to review, but other than that -- I can do whatever I want. I might sleep as I did not sleep well. 

Oh great -- I just noticed that my shirt is on backward - I'd better fix that! Have you noticed that most people don't travel well? Our hair is unkempt, we wear comfortable clothes, and we struggle with luggage. When I left Montreal last week, I saw this older woman, her husband, and their little dog. She was immaculately dressed, with skin-tight stretch pants and knee-high boots, a sweater with a belt. Her make-up was immaculate, and she looked dressed up! She could handle those skin-tight pants as she was skinny. I bet the husband carried all the crap while she carried the dog! 

I dress for comfort on the plane with jeans and a sweater. I'll never look as polished as she did! 

I'm not sure what's up with the girls yesterday, but both were FRISKY. Lexi was jumping at the end of her leash like the lunatic that she is. Sometimes, I think she is worse than Murphy. At least Murphy understands some commands. Lexi couldn't care less and ONLY sits if she thinks she will get a treat. 

MOM -- hurry up!

As the walk progresses, Murphy is all over the place still. 

MOM -- blowing leaves and squirrels!

And Lexi ends up trotting along behind me. Yep --- she's just as independent as Murphy! 

MOM -- don't rush me!

And that's a wrap for today. My flight is at 8:30 AM, and even though I don't have to check my luggage, I need to be there a bit early to clear customs. OH -- another clue! For those sleuths amongst you, I wrote the name of the city I'll eventually get to somewhere in the blog post today! But can you spot it? 

The girls will get a walk together before I go, so I'd best get myself organized. If I forgot something -- well, I'll have to make do with what I have with me!

Have a super day!!!



  1. Found it! It only took two readings to get it! Or did I get it? Tomorrow, it will be interesting to see if I really got it, after all. Torry

  2. Maybe Etobicote or Frisky, Canada? 🤣