Thursday, September 8, 2016

Crazy for red and white

Oh shoot - I should have taken a picture. I was the guest speaker at the Oxford Quilter's Guild last night and again this morning.

As the members walked into the room, I started to notice a trend. Almost the entire room was dressed in red and white. Hmmm - there is something going on here. My first thought was that they had dressed that way to celebrate the opening of the Paralympics in Rio which started yesterday. On my way to work, I had heard that they were encouraging everyone to dress in red and white. Too late for me - I was already on the road.

But NO - the guild dressed in red and white to celebrate their red and white quilt challenge.  Their quilt show is happening in 2017 and since 2017 is the Sesquicentennial (yes 150 years) for Canada - they are creating a red white quilt display for this show.

Well, then they proceeded to blow me over when MANY of the guild members have already started their red and white quilts and a couple are almost complete!!!!!

OMG - I so love red and white quilts - I'm coming to this quilt show.  And let's not forget that Quilts at the Creek will also be hosting a red/white quilt show.

The ultimate red and white quilt show as in New York City several years ago. I missed that one. too bad.

However, from requests that I received and from guild newsletters and other sources of information, next year is going to be an amazing quilt show year. There are going to versions of Canadian quilts, red and white quilts EVERYWHERE!!!!!   I hope that quilters can get a LOT of publicity over these displays and just like the Centennial in 1967 put quilts on the map, the Sesquicentennial is going to blow everyone out of the water!!!!!

Hmmm - that gives me an idea.  OK- does ANYONE have any information on quilts that were made in 1967?????   Got to start doing some research. I  feel a project coming. No - I feel a couple of projects coming on because I WANT, no I NEED some red and white quilts. I've only got two and I want more!!!!!!

And if you know of a guild or organization that is putting together a red/white quilt display - let me know.  I think this information needs to be compiled somewhere and we can make a publicity event with all the information.

Catch you later - have a great day!!!!


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  1. Hey Elaine, I was doing the same research, I didn't come up with much for specifically 1867, but I was searching here: and here: I did find one red and white from about 1870 which I am using as inspiration for a quilt for Quilts at the Creek next year - so don't steal my idea (just kidding)!