Thursday, September 22, 2016

My cup runneth over!

Let's get the bad news out of the way.  That darn soup cup that I bought the other day for my oatmeal?  Well, it isn't deep enough!  I thought I could trick the system.  I set the microwave for one minute.  Checked - yep, everything is OK.  Set the microwave for another minute.  Checked - everything is still OK.  Set the microwave for the last 30 seconds and about 15 seconds in, the oatmeal rose to the top and seeped over the edge of the cup making a huge mess!!!!   Grrrr - now where is that 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup that Cathie uses?  Really?  How big do I have to go to avoid the oatmeal from spilling over?    I did like the handle and there is a lid - should I attempt to put the lid on for the last 30 seconds?  It does have a vent in the top.  Can you imagine a soup cup of oatmeal exploding in the microwave?  I cringe at the mess!  But I might give it a try because I really really like my soup cup!

We talked about using your eyes to see. Of course, we all know how to do that.  But do we really see things?   I don't think so.  I decided to get out that book I mentioned and I knew exactly where the book was located!  It's called "How to use your eyes"  by James Elkins.  

How to use your eyes by James Elkins
BUT - there was a surprise for me when I opened the book.  It was signed by the author and not just a random signature - nope - my NAME was in the book.

My copy is signed by the author!!!

Now, who knew that was in there????    Did you notice the date?  01/01.  My guess is that this person came to Sheridan College when I was a student there and I probably purchased the book at that time.  I must say that I have no recollection of that.  But we got to meet so many cool people when I was a student there that I don't remember them all!

However, I've decided to read the book (I know - if only we would read what we buy) - imagine how knowledgeable we would all be!!!

I'll keep you in the loop as I read through the articles.

There is something that I notice every single day and I would LOVE to take a picture of it every day because every day it is different. However I'm in the car on the highway and well - it wouldn't be safe to take a picture.  I wonder can a dash cam take a still photo???   The thing I see is the skyline of Mississauga.  It changes with the time of day, the weather, the construction and I think it would be cool to document that.  Hmmmmm - now to shop for a dash cam, but only if they take stills.

Speaking of authors, there is an author whom I love and I have been reading her books for a while, although I'm not up to date with her books.  I like knowing that I still have books to read and not waiting with bated breath for the next one to come out.  It's Louise Penny.  She writes a beautiful monthly newsletter and you can access them on her website.

Louise's husband, Micheal was diagnosed with dementia some time back and the way she wrote about their life (and their love) as he declined - well it's an amazing story.  Micheal passed away earlier this week. To watch a loved one die a slow death from dementia (or a similar debilitating disease) has to be one of the hardest tests that we humans would face.  Louise and Micheal did it with so much grace.   You can read the details here.

I know why I was playing that stupid game on my tablet.  I didn't have a book to read!  Normally I have one or two going or at least something in hard copy, something on the iPod and perhaps on the tablet. But I had NOTHING.  Most of the books on my shelf are part of a series and it takes time to research the next book and find it on the shelf or download it or order it from the library - I REFUSE to buy novels.  So many authors, so many series, so many characters to keep track of!  I think I'm set - I know what to download to the iPod (need that for an upcoming adventure), got a book on hold for the tablet and I have a physical book in my hands (oh crud - I started a new series!) and one physical book on hold which the library can't find!

And you need to check out this link to my artist friend, Cynthia Frenette.   I mean seriously - do you know how much there is to do????   I mean - seriously?

On that note, there is a ton of things waiting for me and I'd better get started.

Have a super awesome day!



  1. Sorry to hear about your boil over....

    1. Cathie - well onto Plan B! A BIG cup - a MUCH bigger cup!

  2. Cook your oatmeal at 60% power. That is how I do mine in a regular cereal bowl and it doesn't boil over.