Monday, September 5, 2016

One more....

I took it a bit slower yesterday. I actually sat in the gazebo and read my book and probably had a little nap as well.  The weather was perfect!  However have you noticed that we seem to be hot or cold? One day, the humidity is crazy, the next day, you need a duvet for sleeping.  I don't get it but I do appreciate the cooler nights.

I even started to watch a movie last night with ZERO attention span. I have a HUGE hand work job ahead of me (can't tell you yet) and I thought a movie would distract me. Nope - after stretching out on the couch with an ice pack and watching part of the movie - that was it for me. I went to bed.

Ever the optimist, I'm going to say my knee feels better today? Notice the question mark - is that my brain trying to tell me it's better or is it better? Still hurts to put weight on it. Let's see what the X-rays and ultrasound say tomorrow.

But I still got stuff done. I finished all the sewing for QUILTsocial. YEAH!!!  Then back to my sewing projects.

Decided I would work on one more Halloween block while I finished up the QUILTsocial sewing.   Yikes - this one had over 60,000 stitches!!!!

Ever the organized person that I am, I like to line up the threads that are required for the next couple of steps. Now that I understood how the color marking went, it was a little easier to figure out colors and I don't think there were any mistakes in this block.

Colors lines up ready for stitching

Yes - there is a LOT of thread changes in these blocks. It's possible to put some of the colors on more than once - like black or some of the grays. Let's just say that I'm getting good at threading the machine.

At one point, I went to see what was stitching out and almost had a heart attack. What?  Why is the machine stitching the pumpkin gray?  OH - that would be the machine stitching the orange to cover the gray background. That took a few seconds for my brain to realize!

Stitching out the pumpkin
 And my embroidery machine made a liar out of me. Remember when I said it doesn't recognize those pre-wound bobbins. Well, yesterday it did! And this is the message I got.  I simply hit OK on the screen, the hoop moved out of the way so I could change the bobbin and then I was back in business.

Time to change the bobbin

And one more block - DONE!!!

Block Six!

Six Halloween blocks

Still a long ways to go as there are 25 blocks in total and then borders if I'm going to do borders. Don't know if I'll get a chance to get one block done today as I have something else that needs to be done.

On that note, Lexi and I are off to the dog park!

Have a great day!


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