Monday, September 19, 2016

I GOT answers!

Well, I got the answer to ONE of my questions yesterday.

I have to say the days are super crazy!  I barely get ahead on one project and the next pile of fabric is screaming - "cut me!  cut me! I want to be a quilt too!"  Especially those fabrics that are being made into a quilt for someone.  And you should see me cut!  I'm very efficient and I love it (which is part of my problem of having too many projects).

At some point when I was new to quilting, I would pick a fabric from my stash and there wasn't much of it. Perhaps I only purchased 1/4 meter.   I wouldn't/couldn't cut into it.  Oh no! - what if I need it some day?of
That is NOT happening these days.  I need a 7 1/2" strip of every fabric in this particular collection and regardless of how much is there, if there's enough to get a 7 1/2" strip - off it comes!  Wait until you see the fabric, you'll see what I mean!  I should be finished by Friday or I might just break down and take pictures in the next day or so, but it will have more impact when it's all cut.  I'm excited about it though and can't wait to get started - it is super, super easy!

Also had a class yesterday on the Gravity quilt and the class is well on their way to making that happen.

Gravity by Jaybird quilts

It's a gorgeous quilt and it's going to be loads of fun to make.  I'm still collecting a few fabrics, but how that the class has started, I must get myself together on that one!  Did more cutting last night. I'm in good shape!

On my way home from the class, I stopped at Loblaws.  All the way to class, I thought about the best location to look for a bowl for my oatmeal. Would I find something at Wal-Mart, Loblaws, Homesense?  I decided that Loblaws would be my best bet.  I scoured the shelves and look what I found!

Old bowl, new bowl
 I believe it is called a soup mug.   I was concerned that it wasn't much deeper than my existing bowl, but there is about an extra inch.  And it has a handle!  I think (I hope), I'm good to go for the oatmeal. Can't wait to try it!  Mary uses a large Starbucks mug and Cathie uses a 4-cup Pyrex measuring cup!  Thanks for the suggestions.

And there is a little top that goes on with a vent - not sure if you can actually microwave oatmeal with that lid on. But I arrived at the cash only to find my lid had gotten lost on the way to the cash. Had to backtrack through the store to find it!

Now to get that darn picture issue done or my Mom will be on my case again!  And I want something from her at the moment, so I better not be tardy with these pictures. She rarely asks for something!

As if that wasn't enough excitement yesterday, no after dinner, I still had more work to do.  This was emergency applique!  I needed eight circles, some black, some yellow.  Two of them are stitched in place, 5 of them are made and glued, ready to be sewn and one - well, it's waiting for the block to be finished before the applique can be done!

Black circles

Yellow circles

I promised that the quilt top would be done by Thursday evening. YES - it'll be done!  I've already started to sew it together.

Now you can see my problem. If I worked on one project at a time - everything would be fine, but I work to deadlines and since there are many, I work in bits!  I love it!!!!   But not much gets completed unless it absolutely has to!

Happy to report that my knee is almost back to normal.  That was very weird, from hobbling like I'm dying to almost good as new.  My knee still gets very tired especially when I walk Miss Lexi as we go fast, but not too fast. I can definitely feel it when we get back so I'm still taking it easy and she goes to the dog park as much as possible where I don't have to walk much.  If I don't have to walk much, I'm good - a long walk isn't fun yet.

On that note - I'm out of here.

Have a super, super day!!!



  1. Hi Elaine: I also work on a whole bunch of projects at once...and it is very difficult to get a finish. I hope your knee is better soon.

    1. Lisa - so glad to know that I'm not alone! I think it adds some variety to our quilting life by working on multiple projects. I would hope that some day I start to finish a few more! The knee is better, but I had a long day yesterday and it's tired this morning! Have a great day!