Sunday, September 18, 2016

I need answers!

Don't you just love the weekend? I never really used to care about the weekend so much, but once you do the 9-5 thing, you appreciate the weekend a bit more. Even if the weekend is packed with pretty much the same stuff you do at work. OK - that's not entirely true, but at least the field is the same!

We had a super class yesterday for the Saturday Sampler and I'll be posting pictures this coming week.

Today, I have questions. Now I could (and will) find the answers, but if anyone can shed some light on these things, I'd be happy to know.

My first question is food related. I've been doing a pretty good job in the food department. Not eating a lot of junk food, some days it seems not eating a lot of food period!  There's no time for shopping and no time for eating!  Don't worry, I do get my three squares in a day. However I'm always on the search for better breakfast options. And for some reason, I've been craving oatmeal. Must be the cooler mornings.

As I don't have a lot of time in the morning, I bought a package of steel-cut oats for the microwave. Yes, I know when you cook oatmeal you need a DEEP bowl. It even says so on the package. But seriously - how deep does that bowl have to be?

My oatmeal overflowed the deepest bowl I have

My first question is - does anyone have a great bowl for microwaving oatmeal?  I might zip out to the store (what store???) to find a bowl.  Seriously - this is why I hate shopping. If I could go to ONE store and find a deep oatmeal bowl, I'd be happy. I can't stand driving around, walking around trying to find something that might not even exist!!!

The oatmeal was very yummy and with a midmorning snack of strawberries and Greek yogurt, I might have the morning covered.  I'm not one to change things up and I could basically eat the same breakfast every day. Well almost every day!

My second question concerns printing photos.  You see my Mom is on my case and well - you have to always listen to you Mom!  When I was at the family reunion, I took a few photos and I keep forgetting to print them for her.  Yesterday was the day to make this happen, but it didn't.  I went through the photos and identified which ones I would print.  Then to Wal-Mart website where I proceeded to upload the photos, but once I got to the cart, I realized that I was on US site and they would NOT ship to PO box in Canada.  GRRRRR!!!!   Back to Canadian site where they don't seem to have the option of shipping or printing in the nearest store.  So the question is - can we do this in Canada????  Do I have to go to the store?

I know what you're thinking.  I could go to Wal-Mart in person, get the order processed for the photos and look for a deep bowl for the oatmeal.  Yes - I could do that and I might end up doing that this afternoon!!!

In the meantime, I have a HUGE mess in my studio that is more important than oatmeal or photos (oops - those are photos for my MOM - they should be a priority!).

Anyway, I'm not in the habit of making quilts for people.  You know, someone is sick - I should make a quilt. Well, I'm having a big change of heart in that department. I think it's a great way to get rid of some of this fabric that has accummulated and seriously - how many samples for trunk shows and for myself do I need?

Off to the stash and pulled a LOT of fabric - I'll share the project with you in a day or two. It got dumped on the floor and I'm in the process of cutting it. (The cutting table is overflowing with quilts that need to be trimmed - more on that later this week.) At least the first cut.  You'll see when I show you all the strips.  It's obscene, the amount of fabric that is there.

Major cutting session going on!
 As I'm cutting, I have other ideas percolating in my brain so stay tuned!

Now I would like to make TWO more quilts - one for a wheelchair bound person so I need to find the dimensions for that and then one more for a young person who has recently moved.   It just never ends, but I'm going to feel awesome to give these quilts away.  The big question is "how quickly can I make these happen".  I always have good intentions.  NONE of them are fancy - nope - just squares, with machine binding.  Quick and dirty, but the thought is there and I'll personalize with fabrics and colors. I'm excited - now to squeeze in the time.

From time to time, I get donations!  Look what I received yesterday!  BRAND NEW election signs.  They were legitimately acquired and thanks to Mary for her eagle eye on these.  I have another batch coming in a month.  I see, a bag making session is going to be in order to use up this stuff!  But look at the money I'm saving!

Election signs
 And Mary gave me two pet mats for the feral cat program in the warehouse.  I love Mary because she always gives me FINISHED pet mats. It's the ONLY way I will take donations in this department. I have scads of stuff to make more - it's just the time to make it happen.  I'm dealing with my scraps as I go, it's the huge pile under the long arm that is the problem!!!   Thanks Mary!!!

Two pet mats!

And on that note, I'm out of here.  Oh - I see paw prints all over the computer. I guess that means that Lexi has been blogging again!

Have an awesome day!


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  1. I use a large Starbucks mug for oatmeal in the microwave. High sides and large capacity. It ends up being too large but I don't have to clean up the mess in the microwave. Good Luck finding the perfect vessel.