Thursday, September 29, 2016

Sewing retreat - Day Four

Oh, my goodness - it's the last day of the sewing retreat.  It's 9:02 AM and there are only THREE of twelve of us left. The rest of them got up early, packed up the cars and they were gone!!!!   How could you leave this beautiful place?  The other two have their sewing machines packed away, one is packing the car, the other is doing hand work.  But me - I'm still sewing!!!!   I'm getting to the point where I'm going to have to cut something and I think that is going to be when I call it quits.

It's been loads of fun, can't wait to come back - YES - I got invited back!!!!  Yahoo!!!!   Hey, retreat ladies - I'll be back!

It's been a hoot and I now have about five different names.  I now answer to Eileen, Ellen, the big E and well, I'm sure there was one or two more in there.

Yesterday was a bit of a slow day for me. I did manage to get one quilt top done, the backing and the binding. But it was slow. Mind you there were three borders on the quilt and a couple of us took a little drive.

Yes - we went to another quilt store in the area called Weavers.   Holy cow. These quilt stores are  deceiving. You think you're seeing the entire store when you walk in, only to find that there is another section around the corner.   Yikes - OK - I'll need to quilt a few quilts when I get home to pay for my purchases.  I couldn't help  myself!!!!

Some of the girls went to a lecture/book signing by Kaffe Fassett that was sponsored by another local shop.  I didn't have a ticket and I was OK with that. I think five of them went. The funny thing was that I posted on Facebook where I was and a friend of mine said, "oh - I'll see you, I'm coming down."  I had no idea what she was coming for but turns out it was for the Kaffe event. I didn't get to meet up with her, but I posted a picture of the girls from here that were going and they managed to hook up at the event. Now how crazy is that!!!!!!  

You gotta love social media because it's a way to keep in touch, find out what everyone is doing and where they are.  

Writing the blog has been a bit of a challenge. I get up early every day, but I had to finish prepping something else that required a bit of concentration so that got priority over my blog!  But I can leave today with a clear conscience. I got a lot done, my immediate deadlines are somewhat under control, although it's going to be a focused weekend.  I'm going to pretend that I'm on a retreat, but I'll be at my house!!!!

On that note, I had better get back to sewing. I've got about one hour left before we head out.  Because I only brought in what I was working and took the completed stuff to the car, there is very little that needs to be taken out to the car.

Have a super great day!  And safe driving home to the retreat ladies!!!!  Miss you already!


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