Tuesday, September 20, 2016


I have to laugh whenever I see tools on the internet whose purpose is to generate ideas for blogs. Wow, inspiration to write? I think if you need to be "told" through an idea generator then perhaps blogging isn't your strong point.

Now typically, I use my pictures as my inspiration. I try to take pictures of what is happening around me, what I did, what my students did or whatever.  Now that I'm working full-time, sometimes, that isn't always possible and lately, it appears that I'm working on projects that I can't share with you YET.

Now I have pictures to edit, lots of pictures!  So I made an attempt this morning to edit some pictures and my computer was so darn slow!  Once I did manage to edit ONE picture, I attempted to load it to the internet and that didn't work!  ACK - what is happening?  And I certainly didn't have a lot of time because currently, I'm sitting at the car dealership getting my car serviced.  I'll be here for three hours and rather than go back home and then come back, I decided it was more time efficient if I just brought my computer and work with me.  My appointment was for 7 AM and I think I bet the entire staff to the building!

However, since I wasn't able to get that ONE picture uploaded to the internet, what was I going to blog about?  After shutting my computer down in frustration, I took Miss Lexi for her morning walk. On that walk, I came up with about 6 topics and all of them were inspired by my walk!

Should I tell you about how our daily walks have changed due to several circumstances in the neighbourhood?
Should I tell you about the crazy drivers at 6 AM?
What about listening skills that don't exist anymore?
What about stripes?

Whoa!   Where did the stripes come from???  Well, it's garbage day in my neighbourhood.  I'm always amazed at how many sofas get brought to the curb on garbage day.  Not just in my neighbourhood of course, but wherever you go.  Don't you just wonde - WOW - that is such an ugly sofa - I wonder what the rest of their decor looks like?

Striped sofa
So this is the striped sofa that Lexi and I discovered on our walk this morning. It's not all stripes, but wow - that one is a winner!  I guess it's pretty, but look at that light colored seat - that's an accident just waiting to happen.

I'm working on a huge project that has to do with stripes, but alas at this moment it's totally shrouded in secrecy. God - don't you just hate that? But I've made my list, checked it twice, got my tools ready and where's my cutter????

Speaking of inspiration for quilts. I used to be a heavy pattern purchaser.  And I still do buy patterns. Sometimes it's for the inspiration, sometimes, it's because I want to make that exact item. But the more that I quilt, the more I want to experiment. WHAT IF is playing a big part in my life these days.  What if I used this kind of fabric for that technique?  What if I changed this color or that color?  What effect can I get with this ruler or that ruler??  The ideas are spilling out of my head faster than I can write them down!

I find inspiration EVERYWHERE!  Like I said, on a beautiful morning before the sun was up, Lexi and I were so totally inspired by our walk. All I can say is that you need to walk with YOUR EYES OPEN and you'd be amazed at what you can see.  I have a book at home that's called - how to see with your eyes open    or   something like that.  I can't remember the title.  But LOOK, don't just glance at things.  Ask yourself questions about what you see, take pictures.  Oh yes - inspiration is everywhere!

Just got the bad news - there is a LOT of stuff that needs to be done on my car.  I might be a smidgen later than planned to get out of here. No worries - I brought a ton of stuff that needs to be written, designed, proofed.  I could be here for hours and not run out of work!

On that note - I'd better get back to proofing.

Have an awesome day!!!


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