Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sewing Retreat - Day Three

I realise that I have to get the blog post done EARLY in the morning, otherwise, there is just too much activity and it's hard to write when there are too many people in the room.  Especially if they're talking guns and knives!  Oh my - we've had such laughs about it.  Yes - we Canadian are way too polite and naive!!!!

I've just come to the realisation that there is something on my computer at home that I need TODAY or I'm in big trouble.  NO - I don't want to leave just yet, but I may have to get up very very early tomorrow morning and get my butt on the road or I travel tonight in order to get that information where it needs to be first thing in the morning.  I cannot believe that I did that!!!!!   I guess when I travel in the future - take ALL laptops and other electronic devices!!!!

Let's not panic.  No no need for panicking YET!!!!   I really really want to travel in the daylight through Pennsylvania.  Hmmm - what could be Plan A, what could be Plan B????

But I'm having a blast here.  The group is great and there is lots of show n tell. There are a few early to bed, then there's me around 10 PM and a bunch of them do the midnight shift. I'm up early as I have some writing to do and it's so peaceful at 5 AM.  I know, only a crazy person goes on a retreat and gets up at 5 AM.  It's always fun to come into the studio in the morning and see what projects the midnight crew finished after I went to bed.

I got another project completed yesterday - yeah!!!   We've all been working on the same project and I managed to get mine completed by noon.

Oh god - I went back to Burkholders - the amazing quilt store to try and find borders, but alas, none were to be found. No worries, I'll get the border fabric where I purchased the layer cake back home. That went out to the car!  Oh no - I think we're doing a photo op later today. I see the last one was completed last night.

I started another project once we were back from the quilt store. I shouldn't have gone but I did manage to find a couple of very cute things.  I couldn't help myself!

This new project was one that I had to cut!  It wasn't all that bad and I managed to get all the rows together before I called it quits last night.  Given my situation, I may just assemble this quilt top and hustle my butt out of here.   DAMN DAMN DAMN!!!!!

My teacher instinct kicked in yesterday.  Brenda had a quilt top that had been pieced by her 90-year-old mother. Now we're not talking about a simple quilt. Nope - this one is tumbling blocks.  A major feat for anyone.  It was a bit wonky with stretched edges.  After a little bit of guidance and a MAJOR session with steam, that quilt looks great!!!!!   I was glad to help - that was my act of kindness for yesterday. Brenda did all the work - I just guided her through the steps.

On that note, it's 7:04 AM and Holly (Ooops - that would be Lily!   OH - that would be Lillie)  just walked in the door.  I guess it's time to turn on the iron and the sewing machine and get to work.

Have a great day!!!


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