Friday, September 30, 2016

Sewing retreat - Day Six

Gosh - was it really day six?  I can't remember.

I forgot to tell you how I got out of my jam yesterday.  In my rush before I left, I was certain that I had loaded some pictures onto the internet.  Absolutely certain.  However, when I went to retrieve the photos, they were NOT there.

NO!!!!!    I NEED those pictures.  After a moment of silent panic, I thought that I could get DH to send them to me via e-mail. AHA - what a brilliant plan. So he sent me the pictures and it was easy as pie.  Why?  Because my photos are organized to the nth degree in subfolders. All I had to do was walk him through the subfolders which I knew off the top of my head and next thing I knew, those pictures were on my laptop!  Saved!!!!  

Anyway, I got up early every day at the retreat, partially out of habit although I could have slept a bit more since I was going to bed a bit later, but I had some writing to do that couldn't wait.

Usually, when I came down in the morning, it was to find a new project on the design wall. When I came down yesterday, all I saw was everyone's machines and other stuff all packed up!  By 8:00 AM, they were gone!

One other lady and I stayed until about 10:00 AM and then we packed up and we were gone. Well, not before ONE last stop at Burkholder's.  I needed to get something. Don't worry, I'll be showing you all the pictures over the next couple of days. No time to take pictures and edit them yet.

My GPS is wacko!!!   I set the GPS for home and it told me that I would arrive around 7 PM which was 8 hours from when I started out. Yes, that's a long way to go for a retreat, but so what?  It was fun to finally drive through the Pennsylvania countryside and actually see something.  All the previous times, it's been dark.

But my GPS is programmed to take the shortest route? the fastest route?  I had better double check it. According to Google Maps, it was a simple matter of taking Route 501 to 81.  Nope, my GPS took me through all the back country roads until we finally got to Route 501.   Weird - I have no idea why it does that. And then when I got to the border, it didn't want me to stay on the main road.   I have to check that out.

It rained for a bit and there was a lot of fog and TONS of construction. But despite that and the fact that I was tired when I started out so I needed to stop twice for a break and one teeny snooze, I was good for the duration of the trip. At one point, I had finished my audio book.  I didn't start the other one as it's part of a series so I decided to listen to the radio.

Well, it`s either country, gospel or talk shows.  Hardly any pop music.  Although I did hear about a recall for the trigger on a Remington gun!!!!  No worries, it gave me loads of time to contemplate life.

Getting across the border was easy.  I came across at the Rainbow Bridge thanks to my GPS.  Two cars ahead of me. NO NEXUS line.  A bit of rain on my way home and guess what happened once I crossed the border.  ACCIDENTS everywhere.  I never saw ONE accident in the US and once I crossed the border, I think I saw three in one hour. And a horrific one this morning where the car took out the huge METAL light pole that was bolted to a huge piece of concrete. 

But I got a "welcome home" from the border crossing person which was way more exciting than getting a green light from the NEXUS machine.

Here's the other thing I like about the US.  The toll highways.  I went TWO HUNDRED KM on I90.  I paid $6.85 for those 200 KM.  In Canada on the 407, I pay twice that amount to go 40 KM.  Hey 407, - what's the problem here???

On that note, time to get something done today.

Have a super day!


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