Monday, September 12, 2016


Yikes - that's a big word!  What does it mean??  It means working on crafts when you should be doing the laundry, dishes, cooking or other domestic duties.

Since I don't cook or rarely clearn, I don't think this word applies to me. So I need to come up with another word that is better suited to me. Prononurgentinating.   did you get that???
 PRO  NON URGENT INATING   (OK - that was the best I could do in a pinch - I'll come up with a better word!)

Yep that's me.  I have loads and loads of projects that need to be worked on because there are deadlines. What am I working on?  Something that is totally just for me, has no deadline, but it's been on the design wall for a long time.

It's time to get that one-block wonder done.  . Well technically there is a deadline because I need the design wall to be clear and I do NOT want to pack it in the box again.

The other day, I got busy and did a bit of sewing on it.  This was mostly what it looked like when I started.  I did take the picture after I had sewn a couple of seams. The last two columns haven't even been put together. They're still in pieces.

The "new" starting point
 I try not to let anything go to waste.When you make the one block wonder, you have little cut off ends of each row. I took those ends and sewed them together. Then I trimmed them into rectangles that measured
3 1/2" along one side.  I started to sew those together - they will go on the back of the quilt.
Leftovers and a cut of the original fabric

Here is one instance where I do press my seams open.  I hate doing it as it takes FOREVER and once you're done on the back, you have to press very well from the front.  Just so slow - pressing to one side is way way faster.

Seams pressed open
I'm not bothering to pin those intersections either. I want to get this project done!  So I'm using the little dog ears as a guide, peeking underneath as I get to each intersection and matching it up visually as best I can. Some are perfect, some not so much.  Do I care? I'm thinking about the end use of this quilt.  It isn't going to be judged (sorry none of your opinions count!), it isn't going into a major show and the print is so darn busy that who will notice anyway????

One perfect point, one not so perfect point

And by the end of that session, I had sewn the bits together in the last two columns and now the columns are sewn together in pairs. I think there are just NINE more seams and then to figure out what to do in the border.

Yeah - I love when progress is made and I would really really like to get this UFO off the wall.

Columns are now in pairs
And I did manage to get some of the scrap pieces sewn together. They were my enders and leaders when I ran out of the other project I was working on.

The start of the quilt backing

So much more is happening and I'm pacing out how it gets posted.  Don't forget we are a few days closer to the reveal of what I've been up to on QUILTsocial -- that happens in a couple of weeks so stay tuned for that.

On that note, I have a very anxious someone sitting beside me waiting to go for a walk.  YES - I took Lexi for a walk last night. Not a perfect walk, but a walk none the less.  Very happy to report that my knee is feeling much better. You know that's what happens the moment you go to the doctor - everything starts to heal up!  I still have to be very careful. I went into the bathroom on the weekend and for whatever reason, I was backing in the room - I think I was talking to Lexi.  I happened to bump my GOOD leg into the door frame which jarred the BAD leg and I thought I was going to die in the bathroom!  Needless to say, I am very very careful about how I move. ZERO twisting is allowed, ice as much as possible (still) and just taking it easy!

Speaking of icing the knee, yesterday was a gorgeous day. I decided to take a break and went out to the gazebo with a book and my ice pack.  It was cool out there with just a T-shirt on (yes - I had pants on as well!) so I got my winter themed flannel quilt from the sofa. I wrapped myself in the quilt and went back to my chair with my ice pack on my knee.  Ooops - two hours later!  I had a great snooze out there - I didn't sleep for two hours, I was reading for part of that. It was glorious and we had better make sure that we enjoy the fresh air because - well you know.

On that note, I'm going to get the day started.

Have a great day!!!


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