Tuesday, September 13, 2016

What stops you from moving forward?

I read Anne's post the other day and that got me to thinking.  I'm not a great finisher of projects, although because of more deadlines now than ever before, I have no choice but to complete my quilts. Yes - some of them don't get a label and I've been known to serge the edges in place of a binding, although now that I feel more confident with the machine only binding, that won't be such an issue in the future!

But for those projects that don't get completed, what causes me to not complete them?  I would say time is the biggest factor.  I might get started on something and while I'm excited about the project, something else more urgent will hit the cutting mat with a huge thud and that takes priority.

Then everything else gets left behind. There are loads of times when I have good intentions - I can make this happen, I can get this done and in a lot of cases, the project is almost complete.  And when I do that, then the project with the deadline gets shelved until it becomes really really urgent!

I try to save all my retreat sewing days for my own fun projects, but more and more, those retreat sewing days become marathons for what needs to be done - either for work, for customers or for a magazine. Trust me - I'm not complaining - I'm just happy to sew anything, but I would like to get more things completed.

On the other hand, there are one or two projects that have gotten shelved because I've run into a problem, like a major affair with the seam ripper or not enough fabric or whatever.

But time is probably my biggest deterrent from finishing. That's why prioritizing is becoming absolutely KEY and I need to add deadlines. Perhaps I need a bit white board in my studio to track everything?

Check out Anne's blog.  What is your biggest show stopper????

Anne Sullivan from PlayCrafts

I see that I'm going to have to restrict Lexi's use of the computer.  That dog is getting such a big head, she's no longer going to fit in her cozy crate at night.  We need to have a chat.  Check out what she wrote this morning.

On that note, I'm out of here.

Have an awesome day!


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