Thursday, September 1, 2016

Something new.............

You know how you complain about something and then when something actually gets done about what you were complaining about - well that causes more issues?

I complain (mostly to myself and mostly in the car) about people who drive in the HOV (high occupancy lanes - meaning more than ONE) when they are by themselves in the car.  Happens all the time - I'm driving beside the HOV lanes and I can see the cars coming up behind me in that lane (in my side mirror) and some days, the amount of cars driving in that lanes with a single driver is one in three!  One in three!!!!!   That's crazy! Why do these people feel they are entitled to drive in that lane?  

The other day I'm driving on the highway beside the HOV lanes and the traffic is slow.  Well,  a bit slower than usual.  Why???   Because people have stopped to look at a cop who has pulled someone over.  Why?  Because they were driving in the HOV lanes and only one person in the car!  

The moral of that story - be careful what you wish for!  I'm still glad he got caught - I wish the police would stop more cars with single occupants in that lane - even it means a few extra minutes to get to work!

Speaking of which, the honeymoon is almost over!  Yep - school starts next week and it's been a pleasure to drive in the summer with less traffic and this week, I think lots of people took the week off.  Next week is going to be horrific - the first day of school around our neighbourhood (there is an elementary school around the corner from my house) - I'm leaving at 6 (OK - doesn't need to be quite that early), but I'm leaving early just to avoid the idiot parents (sorry) who CANNOT walk their children to school. It truly is a nightmare!

Last night I arrived home all full of vim and vigour!  It's time to start something NEW.  I know - what is the matter with me????   I have been very focused working on that stuff for QUILTsocial and it's looking great.  Taking pictures, need to do some more editing and uploading tonight. I figure that I've earned the right to start something new. 

So what am I working on?  Look - I got my embroidery machine out. I had to think for a moment where the embroidery unit was. The last couple of times that I did machine embroidery, I was using the loaner machines. 

Ruby Royale with embroidery unit attached

Yep - it's time to do some embroidery!  I bought a couple of new embroidery designs (damn catalogues - I got sucked in!) and the disks arrived last week. Actually, it's machine embroidery applique.

Then I realized I needed a new hoop to accommodate the size of the embroidery designs. Called my local sewing machine dealer and YEP - they had the hoop in stock.  Picked it up last night, along with some thread.

The next step was to assemble all the bits and pieces that I was going to need. Hoop, stabilizer, thread, fabric and a few more things.

Bits and pieces assembled
Hmmm - now I need to get the images from the CD to the sewing machine.  Yikes - how do I do that?  Wasn't sure if I needed my embroidery software or not.  But nope - I just had to transfer the files to a USB stick.

Waiting for the design to load

It's working!
That little light flashes while the files are loading. Do you know how many pictures I had to take before I got one with the light flashing???   Don't ask!

It seemed to be taking a long long time to load the files.  So I started touching the screen and all of a sudden - POOF - there was the file.

File ready to stitch out!

However by the time, I actually got the file on the screen, I decided it was too late to start stitching the image out.  The good news is that all my stuff is assembled so TONIGHT, I can start.

When I'm back to my QUILTsocial sewing on that sewing machine, MY machine will be stitching out embroidery designs.  Can't wait - but I'm thinking I should probably have the two machines a tad closer to each other - they are on opposite sides of two tables.  But I'll get a lot of FitBit steps in by walking around and this kind of embroidery - machine applique embroidery requires a LOT of stopping and starting!

Speaking of my FitBit - the battery needed to be recharged the other day. Where is the charger?  I was certain that I had put it in the drawer with all the other chargers. Nope - not there.  How did I get messed up with something so simple?  Then last night, my tablet needed to be recharged so back to the drawer with the chargers.  Where is that charger???  I have to look for that one tonight. But the good news?  I did find the FitBit charger - exactly where it was supposed to be!!!!  I just didn't look close enough and it's a small thing cord - easily missed!

On that note - I'm out of here!

Have an awesome day!!!


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