Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The novelty of it all.....

I decided I had better start going through my vacation pictures. I'm happy to say that I found the beginning of them. No idea how many there are, but at least I've made a start!

I may have already posted this picture, but it's a picture of one of the novelty fabric that I picked up. I'm really really trying to NOT buy more, but I can't help it. At least I do have the situation sort of under control in that I'll only buy one or two instead of 10 or 12 when I see something new.   I have oodles of novelty prints - two HEAPING laundry baskets full!  I know - how did that happen?  Well twenty years of shopping for fabrics - that's how!

Novelty print

Funny, but I bet there are people who have no clue what this image is!

I did get some work done in the studio last night.  Even got the long arm fired up - boy does it sound different - it's been almost a month!  I should be able to finish that project off tonight and then back to the sewing machine for my continuing marathon for QUILTsocial.  Pictures are being taken and edited, AND loaded on the web site,  samples and projects are flying under the foot of the machine.  I'm a machine.  The best news? - it's way before the deadline. That's never happened before!

Perhaps I need to take more vacation because when I came from this vacation - I'm pumped. I'm organised.  I"m focusing like I've never focused before.  How did that happen?  Well, one needs to focus to ride a bike alongside busy highways so perhaps my brain has become rewired?  I don't care - I'm taking full advantage of the situation.

When I was at Spring Market, I was picking up these little patches made by a competitor. Have I no shame?  Nope - none - I'm a quilter, therefore I'm a collector.  Have a read - they are HAUTE COUTURE!!!!   And they're available for purchase. I picked some up at Prairie Chicks in Saskatchewan (that package hasn't arrived yet!), although I'm sure they are available at many other quilt stores.

And the name of that vacuum store???   It's called Mississauga Vacuum Centre.  They don't really have a web site, but what a great store!!!!  

On that note, loads to do today and time to get rolling!!!

Have a great day!!!



  1. GOod Material. One of those looks like it should rally have a pencil in the reel.

    1. Right on Helen Anne!!! But when is the last time you used a cassette? I don't think we even have a device that would play a cassette! Elaine