Friday, August 26, 2016

Why do people blog?

Isn't that an interesting question?   Why do people blog?  I spend some time (not as much as I would like) perusing other people's blogs.  Some I never go back to, some I subscribe to or add to my BlogLovin' account so I can stay in touch with the bloggers.  And I HATE bloggers that only blog when they are part of some blog hop.  What's the point?  The point is to gain readers - not just be part of giving prizes away! GRRRR!  Pick me for the blog hops!  I never advertise - so that won't happen. 

Here is a blog that I found yesterday asking the same question. Why do people blog??   Have a read through it.  It's very interesting. 

My first blog post was posted way way back in 2008 or something like that.  I'll have to find the link to it because I did change the site after I had some difficulties with it. 

But why do I personally blog?  Not for you!  Nope - I really really think the blog is for me - after all - it's all about me (well mostly!)   It helps me to get my work done. I feel very accountable to the blog for posting pictures of finished items. Otherwise what is my incentive to get something done?  To prance around the house and shout to myself - "the project is done?"   What's the fun in that?  So if I shout to the internet and at least one person sees it - that's way more than will see it at home. 

But seriously, my lists are great and they work, but the blog is a HUGE incentive to get things done!  Besides I need blogging material and if that isn't enough incentive to get work done - I don't know what is!!!!

Speaking of which - a HUGE HUGE HUGE cheer went up in my house (OK - it was a silent one, but it was HUGE nevertheless).  Yes the quilt repair is DONE DONE DONE!!!!   And even if there is one or two holes that I missed - it is DONE!  I'm very happy with the results and as I said yesterday, I had a very hard time trying to count the number of patches because they blended in so well.  A HUGE thanks to Joyce for having that same fabric in her stash!!! And people want to give their "old" fabrics away.  Do you see why I hang onto everything?????   You never know when it will come in handy!

Speaking of other people's blogs - I just happened to find a new one this morning. Well - it's not new, but I haven't been reading it and well - it's pretty funny.  I think you should follow it - or at least read this story.   It's from Mary Fons. And it's funny!  I may just have to add Mary's blog to my links. 

And before I go, I have to mention this. As much as I try to keep up in the quilting world, I'm clueless. Totally clueless.  When I was at Spring Quilt Market, I met a very fun designer - Marcia Derse,  The reason her booth caught  my eye - she had a gorgeous Alphabet panel that I adore (and bought at Sample Spree)  and I love the art journals that she creates and when I grow up someday - I want to make art journals like she does.  But I had never heard of Marcia. 

alphabet studio by Marcia Derse

Then when I was at a workshop in July, I was looking over what everyone brought to the workshop. And one lady was using some cool fabrics that were scraps from a Marcia Derse collection. I can't remember the story about how she had acquired them, but in no way did this lady look like she would use these funky fabrics.   The quilting world is changing!  I'd better hang on and jump in!!!!

So I was browsing the Sept/October issue of Cloth paper scissors and guess who I saw???  Yep - a feature on Marcia Derse and then an article that she wrote.  I so want to do those art journals that she does. 

Marcia Derse in Cloth Paper Scissors

Well that's enough babbling!

I'm out of here to try and have a productive day and I can't wait to get home because then I can do WHATEVER I want in the studio. Actually, I have a bit of tidying to do.  It's a mess and then I want to dive right into some quilting.  I'm excited!  Is it 5 PM yet?

Have an awesome day!


PS -  I can't seem to find the name of the vacuum store who fixed my vacuum.  More research required.


  1. OMG, Mary's blog is so funny, enjoyed reading it and can't wait for the next episode. Have it book marked already, thanks Elaine.

    1. No problem - I wonder if this is going to become a modern day soap opera??? Elaine

  2. I like this post very much. Although I'm a novice blogger, I've thought much about why I find blogging interesting. Mostly, I've found myself thinking along the lines that you do: It's mostly for me. I like to write.

    I also find that I like people to enjoy what I write, but, perhaps, that's secondary.

    Thanks for your thoughts.