Sunday, August 7, 2016

Day Six - Rest Day

It's a rest day!  I love rest days!  Most people had plans, but I decided to have a rest day.

That means I got up around 7:30 AM and popped over to Tim's and had breakfast.  A very leisurely breakfast because two hours later, I was done.  While it may have leisurely, I was very busy. I decided that I wanted to get a few row by row kits (and it's all Shelly's fault!).  What was even funnier was my accomplice.

I put a note out on one of my Facebook groups for a quilter in a certain city if they could help. Within minutes, someone popped up and said they would help.  And they happened to be sitting in front of one of the quilt stores that I wanted!!!   How convenient was that?  And then she also agreed to go to the other two quilt stores in that city for me as well.  So I'm on the phone placing and paying for my order and my accomplice was picking up the merchandise!!   It's just that I wasn't sure what time I'll get to this city (OK - it's Calgary) and I wanted to get some stuff from the shops.  Now I only have to get to this lady's house.  Hopefully we can work that out when I arrive.

Off to the drug store to get my missing body wash and then back to the dorm where I read. When it was lunch time, I walked to the SuperStore to get something to eat and then back to the dorm where I read for most of the afternoon. When do I get a chance to do that at home?   Rarely so I was taking every advantage of the situation. Most of the others had gone down town where there were many activities happening - a dragon boat race, a rib fest and a car show. It was hot, it was crowded so I'm very happy I stayed where I did.

We have six new people joining us in Kamloops and throughout the day, we met them. Five women and one man.  So that means, the ladies are going to have to fight for the showers just like the men. Although from what I can see here - that is not going to be the case.

Off to dinner at Earl's.  I think there were 15 of us who went. You would think with all this cycling that I'd be chowing down the food, but I couldn't eat my entire wrap so I saved the uneaten half and it will become lunch for the next day.

Perhaps it was all the licorice that I ate in the afternoon that killed my appetite. Not to worry  - I'm not starving. Matter of fact, we have a couple of pretty good cooks on our trip. Megan who does dinner is amazing!!!   Doesn't matter what she cooks, it's good and I'm not just saying that because we are hungry. Maybe she should think of culinary school.  It's all cooked outside on a big portable cook stove.

I tried to pack up as much stuff as I could before hitting bed so there would be less to do in the morning. I had stayed at this dorm in 2011 but I have to say that it was a bit run down since that time.  And my bed felt like it had a sideways slant to it. My light didn't work so I was reading in bed with  my head lamp and it was hot. There were four women in our little block so four bedrooms with a common room inbetween. We opened all the doors and got a great breeze going through.  Hated to have to shut it down for bed.

And that's it for the rest day. Hmmm - the big question - should I mention any of the stories or are they best left untold!  I have taken some good pictures so hopefully I can get those all together when I get home.

Have a great day!!!


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