Monday, August 15, 2016

Day Twelve - Lake Louise - Banff

Sometimes I can't remember where I ended off my day from yesterday.  Anyway - we had a great dinner again!   Just can't complain about the food at all. It's been fabulous.

One of the things that I have been meaning to mention is that for the first part of the trip, the rivers were flowing against us.  In other words, they were coming down hill and we were going uphill.  Since we hit Sunwapta Pass, the rivers are still flowing downhill, but now in the same direction that we are.  Yes - each day is slowly getting lower elevation.

After dinner last night and it was only 7 PM - much too early to go to bed, a couple of us walked down to the Old Train Station for a beer. What a beautiful spot and the furniture looked like Morris.  It was beautiful.  We decided to sit outside and since this is the Old Train Station, there are railroad tracks. However to our surprise as we were sitting there, the train went by, but NOT on the track that we were expecting. There was another train track right beside the patio!

Back to the campground and get ready for bed.  Some of the group had a bonfire in the next campsite, but I was too tired so I was off to bed.  I did wake up at midnight and I could faintly hear the bonfire group.  They didn't wake me up - I just woke up.

I think we all had a good sleep last night and everyone was late this morning.  I woke up and finally looked at my clock and it was after 6.  Normally, I'm waiting for the clock to hit six before I start to get up.  Part of that was that we were quite separate in this campsite and so we couldn't hear anyone else.  Yeah!!!!! 

I got ready as usual even though the day was short.  But it was cold so I put my leg warmers on and my four layers on top.  I was glad as it didn't really warm up until about half way so I was glad to have the layers to keep warm. There weren't a lot of hills today and the weather was fabulous.  It looked like it might rain, but the clouds disappeared and the sun came out and it was fabulous!!!!!

I did see a bear this morning.  There were a number of cars parked on each side of the road and everyone had their cameras out and there was the big brown bear just content eating berries on the side of the road. I snapped a shot and then I was off. 

The ride didn't take that long and getting into town, we took a slight detour onto the bike path to avoid the TransCanada highway.  This bike path is gorgeous. Just as I was getting onto the main drag in Banff, I met up with the truck. They were heading right to the campsite so I figured I would follow them so I could have a shower and then get something to eat. 

The name of the campground is called Tunnel Mountain.  So - does that give you a clue as to what we had to do as we arrived???   Up the mountain.  I've been here three times, but we are in a different location than before.   It's a bit weird - our tents are in one part of the campground and the truck is in another, but they are very close to each other.  About a five minute walk.  

I got my tent set up and had a shower. It took me a few minutes to figure out exactly where everything was located, but once that was all done, I grabbed my book and I went down to catch the shuttle bus to town. I didn't have to wait very long and the bus came along - good timing!!!!   Found a great pub in town and had a huge hamburger and a beer.  I didn't even bother looking around down town Banff. It's filled with tourist and tourist stuff.  Not interested in either so I sat and waited for the bus so I could get back to the campground. There was no way that I was going to walk up that hill!!!

Tomorrow is our last day of riding!  Hard to believe and yet it also feels like I've been out here for a long time.

On that note, I'm out of here.


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