Thursday, August 4, 2016

Day Four - Lytton to Merritt

I had the best sleep ever last night. The night before, our campsite was very close to a major highway an you could hear every truck as it came crashing around the corners. And the traffic lasted all night long.  I'm not sure how restful it is for those with permanent sites at this camp ground.

Everyone was in bed early and I was among them.  I was going to read and well that didn't last long.  I'm glad as I needed a good sleep.

Our campsite was also beneath a number of huge tall trees and there was a pretty good wind which was like a song putting us to sleep.  There were trains, but they were far down in the valley and no need to be blowing any warning whistles.  It was an ideal spot to say the least.

Up at the usual time and out of the camp ground by 7:30 AM.   That is my usual routine - I get up at 6 and by the time I get my stuff packed up, make lunch and eat breakfast, I'm ready by 7:30 AM.  Mike started out with me this morning, but I'm just so slow that he lost me on a hill.  Actually I do like to ride by myself so I wasn't upset. It was cool this morning as we rode in the shade of the mountains. But there wasn't too much traffic so that was very nice.

Then we turned off Highway 1 at Spence's Bridge onto highway 8 so we could head down the canyon to Merritt.  I desperately needed a ladies room at that turnoff but there was nothing.  I was going to hit the ditch, but thought I would wait until it was a little more private.  And lo and behold, there were two outdoor loos on the side of the road. Perfect timing!

While there wasn't as much climbing as there was yesterday, it was almost uphill the entire way.  Small grades of 1- 2%, but it meant that you couldn't really coast - you had to keep pedaling.  There were a couple of steep climbs and I was OK on the first one, but my brain just shut down on the second one. I had to stop a couple of times and you know what? - I'm OK with that.  I rested for a few minutes and then back on the bike to continue up the hill.

It's pretty hot today - no idea the temperature, but it means keep HYDRATED! A little hard to do when there are no services for 60 Km on that road.  I'm not a big drinker, so I was OK and we were about 10 KM from camp and I was stopped to take a picture. Andrew happened by and offered me some water as he had stopped somewhere to fill up.  Perfect timing, although I would have made it to camp and still had a bit left.

It's interesting - I've stayed at this camp ground several times in the past and each time - this is where everyone starts to "complain" about their aches and pains. Everyone but Mike!   Although he is a super strong cyclist and I don't think these days are fazing him in the least.  The rest of us - well, we need to be doing some stretches.  I remember Anna leading up in a yoga class a number of years ago.

I really enjoyed having a shower today since yesterday's was a bit skimpy.  There was the weirdest knob for getting hot water and well - I'm just not brave enough to go for 100% cold.  So that was a quick rinse. Then today, I realize that in my state, I must have left my shampoo and soap at the other campsite.  Shoot - I've got extra shampoo, but not soap!  Ah - the fun of camping!

I seem to have been bitten by dozens of bugs. Not sure where or how, but my legs are riddled with bites.

Anyway - things are good.  Next time - more training!  And can you believe it is one year since I went back to work!

On that note - I see people sprawled all over the campsite - having a nap and you know what - that looks good!

Have a great day!


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