Wednesday, August 24, 2016

What have I done?

Did you see that HUGE icon on the front of my blog???  I'm trying to become blog design savvy but somehow - well that just isn't working!!!!   I copied the text and VOILA - I got a huge icon.  How do I make it smaller?  I've no idea!!!  Bottom line - you all know now that I'm going to QUILTCON!!!

I spent another evening working on those quilt repairs.  I think - I truly think that I have all the patches done on the front.  I'm so afraid to check the quilt top one more time, but I'll do that tonight and then onto the small repairs on the back.  Those are easy - no creative patches to make.

In light of the fact that I don't have pictures this morning to share with you - I thought I would share this blog post.  We've all read that article by Singer from 1949 - where they tell you to get dressed up to sew.  Seriously????   Well have a read at this version - I LOVE it!!!!

OH MY GOD - this is the perfect post for ME!   This is a QUILTsocial post by Carla about UFOs.  Yep - all those reasons for abandoning a project - they are on my list.  But here's the bad part - I don't want to give them up!  I still remember the feeling of excitement I had when I started those projects and I want to see them through to the end.

This brings up an interesting point.  DH and I were chatting the other day about my quilts.  I wanted to give a quilt away to someone who has been very helpful.   While I probably have more quilt tops than finished quilts, between the two of them - there are MANY!   I can't give them all away as I use many of them for trunk shows. And since I have a full slate of trunk shows coming up this year, I have to be careful.  But there are a few quilts that NEVER get chosen for a trunk show - those are the ones that need to be given away!  Now to do some inventory checking and I really should take home the HUGE suitcase of quilts that has been sitting in my office for months!

I promise that tomorrow, I'll have more news for you - well news from my studio as I intend to get those repairs done and get working on something else.  The stacks of fabric are piling up! And I'm itching to get cutting and sewing something new!!!!

Have a super day!!!!



  1. Hi Elaine (I hope that's your name)!!
    It's amazing that you are going to Quiltcon!! I've never been there before, but it sounds pretty cool! Your blog is amazing!! There are so many tutorials, and I can't wait to start following them. How long have you been blogging for? And also, do you have any other hobbies other than making quilts??
    ~ Joy (

    1. Hi Joy - thanks so much! Yes - because of my job (started one year ago), I get to go to a lot of the major trade and consumer shows. It's so much fun, but lots of work to get prepped for them. Been blogging for many years and I have a crazy dog and I like to cycle and read for other hobbies. Thanks for getting in touch. Elaine