Monday, August 29, 2016

It's GONE!

Do we get more predictable as life goes on?  I try not to be - I like to vary up the routine, but I really really like to try and get the blog posted BEFORE 9 AM every day. Some days - well that doesn't happen!  

I had the BEST weekend EVER!!!!   I sewed all day Saturday and I sewed until 2 PM on Sunday. Lexi and I went to the dog park both days and I went to the Toronto Modern Quilt Guild yesterday afternoon.  And way ahead of schedule, I got a ton of pictures edited for QUILTsocial. 

There was a bit of traffic on the way to the guild meeting, so I figured the parking lot by the Workroom would be full.  I decided to park in a Green P lot.  As I was standing by the pay machine, a couple walked by and asked if I wanted to use their ticket which was good until 6 PM.  Ah - SURE!   (Even though I know technically that's not allowed - why not?)   So I parked for free.   Thanks to whoever you were that passed along that ticket!

I had to laugh because the program at the meeting was your best tip!  And the power of suggestion was very strong as Rebecca had written "bring your best tip"  and she mentioned binding as well as one other item in her blurb.  It appeared that most people came prepared with binding tips!  Including me.  Granted once we got on a roll, tips were flying left and right in the room - it was great.  As much as I'm comfortable with my binding method, I did learn one little trick that I think will be quite useful and I shall have to incorporate that into my technique.  Nothing earth shattering but still useful. 

There were some tips about putting the binding on by machine that I didn't really get - I need visuals. I'll try to remember who it was that offered the tip and get a better description.  All in all it was a great meeting. 

But the best news of the day is that the quilt repair is GONE!!!!   The owner came and picked it up just after dinner and he was thrilled.  I'm thrilled so it was a WIN WIN.  

Can you spot the repairs?
There were about 12 patches put on the front (even fancy ones that were half burgundy and half cream) and three places where I had to stitch up the seam that had come undone.

Can you see them now??
I'm sure that if you didn't know the quilt had been repaired - you wouldn't notice.  That's what I was aiming for. Yes - you can find them if you look, but for some of them, you'll have to look really really close.

And then there was the back - again about 12 patches.

Can you spot the patches?
If you look close in the picture below, you can see a couple of them.

Patches?  What patches???

Again - big thanks to Joyce for the matching fabric and thank god for a great stash so I was able to find something that blended in with the other fabrics.

Let's not forget that the binding was taken off, the chewed edges were trimmed away and the binding was put back on.  Then I had to resew the label on the back.

But it's DONE DONE DONE!!!!!!  and GONE!

Because that monkey was off my back and I found a way to kill two birds with one stone - this weekend was the best sewing weekend, I've had in ages!!!!  I can hardly wait to do it all again this coming weekend!

You'll have to wait to see what I did. It's all going to go live on QUILTsocial starting the week of September 26th. I can hardly wait to show you!

On that note - I'm out of here!

Have an awesome day!


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