Thursday, August 18, 2016

Back to work!!!!

You should always be careful of what you say (or write!).  I mentioned that I was anticipating getting on the bike at spin class on Wednesday morning.  NOT!   I had a really bad sleep and was exhausted when I finally woke up at 7:30!!!  Miss Lexi was patiently waiting for her walk and then it was off to work!

At least I had a good sleep last night, but I have a feeling that I'm dehydrated and fighting off a cold so that's why I'm so tired!!!!

But no time to waste - we have things to do!   It's a long story which I won't go into to protect my Mother (who never reads my blog!).  But when I arrived home on Tuesday, I was off to the quilt store.  Why???   Well, my Mother needs a bag for her yarn.  

I found some yarn themed fabric at Ruit's and I was off to the studio.  It's a good thing I buy things like Decor-Bond and Fusible Fleece by the bolt so I always have loads of that on hand. 

I even (because my brain was totally fogged) got out the magazine (Quilts and More - Fall 2016 issue) so I could make the Toddler Tote.  Actually I call the bag, the Everyday Market Tote, but the magazine choose to call it Toddler Tote. 

Toddler Tote in Quilts and More - Fall 2016

On the first night, I managed to get the front and back completely done.  Yep - cut those squares, fused on the fleece and got the pieces quilted!!!!

Bag front and bag quilted!!!!
Then last night, I managed to get the pockets done (those are NOT in the magazine) and I prepped the lining and the handles.

All the major pieces are prepped

Got a meeting tonight, but hopefully I can get those pockets sewn down and stitch the handles. Then I'll be almost done!!!!

I do have a bit of fabric left over, but I still need to make the sleeve for the plasticor for the bottom.  I don't have enough fabric, however I am certain that I have a piece of each of these two fabrics in my novelty print bin so I'll be checking that out.  Otherwise, I could piece what I have to make the bottom. My Mom will have it full of yarn in no time and no one will ever see that the bottom piece is pieced.

With the bits left over, I'm going to sew them together until NOTHING is left, cut into four identical sized pieces and make her a zippered pouch to put stuff in.

Leftovers to make a zippered  pouch

Yes - there is no need to be hanging onto stuff - we need to get the scraps used up, done and out the door!!!!!

I have to say that on Tuesday evening when I went downstairs, I was a bit overwhelmed. I hadn't really thought about quilting for two weeks and when I went downstairs - it all came rushing back. I'll never get it all done!!!!!!   What the heck - I'm having fun while I'm doing it so who cares!!!!!!

So - are you looking for something to do this weekend????   I'm going to the International Plowing Match which is in Harriston, Ontario this weekend!!!!   I'm not sure why there are two sets of dates on the web site?   But the quilt show is this weekend!!!!!!    There are vendors and well - I hope to sneak in a bit of row by row as well.   Why not?

On that note - I've got tons of stuff to do and I'd better get started.

Have an awesome day!!!!


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