Sunday, August 28, 2016

What's that smell?

It was my birthday yesterday.  I don't consider birthdays special - even if it's a big one which it wasn't. But seriously  - just because it's the day that your life started and every year you get older - well your body gets older. Who the heck needs to be reminded that their body is one year older? I treat birthdays just like every other day.  My philosophy -  make the best of that day, just like I do everyday.

However, I always reflect back on what I've done on other birthdays - although I barely remember any of them - that's how memorable they've been!  For some reason, my 13th birthday sticks in my head - I even remember what I was wearing that day!  Yellow shorts, a bright top and I made a bird feeder that day and my mom made a huge dinner with all my favourite foods.  I guess cause I was turning 13 - everyone (in my family) made a big deal.  Then I remember some places I've been but not the year.  Three times, I was on a Cycle Canada bike trip and got birthday cake!  Once I was in Arizona on business and we were at a dude ranch for an outdoor BBQ in the dessert and once I went to the racetrack. That's pretty much sums up my birthday celebrations and I'm perfectly OK with that.

Yesterday was a special day. Special in that I didn't have anyone to "bother" me - well except Lexi!  No appointments, although I did make it to the bank and I did have to make an emergency trip to Ruti's when I couldn't find any black thread in the house.

So what did I do???

Lexi and I went to the dog park and had a blast.  There were a LOT of dogs there. Lexi had a blast. Sometimes it was like there were so many dogs, they didn't know who to play with. Dogs truly are like small children!

Lexi and her friends at the dog park

While the dog park isn't huge, it's plenty big enough to give them a good run.  At one point, Lexi was at one end with the other dogs and I wanted to see how well she was at listening. Usually, she couldn't care less.  I whistled and called her name (yep - just like Santa!) and I saw her head pop up! "Whoa! What's going on - where's my Mom?"  And then I called COME and she ran at full speed to me. Seriously???  She's never done that!

I must admit that when I first got to the park, I was a bit confused. I went over to the table where people were congregating and WHEW!  What's that smell?  OH it's marijuana. Wow - it's early and we're in a public place. As I observed the people, there was a couple - a young couple with a lot of piercings and tattoos (not that I'm stereotyping at all - seriously - I'm not).  The guy had a cane and a bad limp. I noticed he was smoking.  AHA - this must be medicinal marijuana as that did not look like a typical joint - as if I know what a typical joint looks like! OK - so I know what they look like.  I'm guessing if I had of stayed a bit longer in their area - I'd have had a really really good birthday.  No - probably not!  What are the rules about medicinal marijuana? Can they smoke it in a public place?  I mean wherever public smoking is allowed - is it still allowed anywhere???  And are there different rules for medicinal marijuana??  Hmmm - where's Justin Trudeau when you have questions?  

So then on my way out of the dog park, I got busted!  No I didn't get stopped by the police, but I was taking a picture of a license plate of one of the cars in the parking lot and next thing I knew the owner was coming around the corner and saw me take the picture! It was a guy that I had talked to a fair amount in the dog park - he had two adorable black American bull dogs.   Anyway - he wasn't close enough to me to say anything, but he sure looked at me!  

I was only taking a picture so I could send to M - in Ontario, our license plates start with four letters and then three numbers.   We're done with the A's, were working our way through the B's - I've been noticing a lot of BZ........   so I knew the C's were starting soon.  M and I were keeping tabs when the A's switched to B's.   So this license plate was CAAA and then 095.  So it was one of the first of the new series.  Seriously - that's all I was doing!!!!

When I got home, I was pumped - must have been that second hand marijuana smoke.  Down to the studio where I worked and worked and worked and was happy as a clam.  I've got the most amazing plan which unfortunately I can't share with you, nor can I share what I did until it all goes live in about 4 weeks.  You're going to love it and hopefully you'll play along. I was focused - I'm still focused and I can't wait to hit the sewing machine today!  And no it's NOT Gravity that I'm working on!

I'd take a break every once in a while and go out to the gazebo to sit and read or just sit. The day could not have been more perfect yesterday.
My view from the gazebo
A slight breeze, the waterfall gurgling and then HOLY GOD - what's that smell????  I had just sat down to read my book, when this very disgusting odour came wafting across the fence or so I hoped because if that stench was in my backyard - we have a major problem!  I do believe the neighbours were putting something on their garden. I can't even begin to imagine what it was or where it came from. However it quickly dissipated and I was free to enjoy the fresh air again!

I can't even begin to tell you how much I enjoy that backyard.  We have no small kids in our neighbourhood, sometimes we hear the airplanes, but very much depends on the weather (clouds, wind, etc), for the most part - no yappy dogs. The sound of the traffic is pretty muted as well because of the trees.  I didn't even have Lexi to bother me because she was trapped in the house - the door wasn't quite wide enough for her to squeeze through - hopefully you read her blog yesterday to understand her problem!

The yard isn't open - no grass, lots of rocks and bushes and trees. I can't even imagine having to move from here - I'll never be able to replace the backyard. OK - and having an awesome studio helps as well - the rest of the house - well it's just a house!

And what am I reading???  I seem to get a kick out of these stories written by backpackers.  This one is by a girl from Toronto.   Sue Bedford.  Oh my god - it's so funny - I've almost died laughing at a couple of the stories which I won't share with you. I will say that we North Americans with our fancy toilets - well - they don't have fancy toilets in a lot of countries!!!

It's Only the Himalayas: And Other Tales of Miscalculation from an Overconfident Backpacker by [Bedford, S.]
It's only the Himalayas

On that note - I'm out of here!!!   Can't wait to get started on the day!


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