Saturday, August 27, 2016

Killing two birds with one stone

Yep - it's my BIRTHDAY today.  Ever notice that on someone's birthday, everyone wants to know how old the birthday person is. Why is that?  I know why!  Because they want to compare - am I in better shape than that "older" or "younger" person?  Have I aged better, etc.?  You know all those questions that are totally irrelevant to how we live our life.  Me - I'm just praying that I won't go out without a fight!  I don't want to spend my last days (years) sitting in a chair and not able to do anything.  I know we don't have a choice in this - but if I can have any say in this matter - you bet I'm going to!   And please please if I do get to that point, let me go to the nursing home gracefully!   M - are you listening????

Well enough of all that birthday babble. The most exciting thing about today is that I have NOTHING on the schedule.  NOTHING!!!!   Now that doesn't mean that I don't have anything to do - but there is nothing.  No appointments, no errands (well I do have to go to the bank).  Don't you just love when this happens!

So what's my plan for the day?  Killing two birds with one stone.  It's time for me to blog on QUILTsocial once again.  I have a new sewing machine.  So I prepped my stuff to work on last night and all I can share with you this morning is this picture.

Stuff prepped for the QUILTsocial blog

Not going to say more than that - don't want to spoil the surprise.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day!  When I got home, I grabbed my book and sat in the gazebo. Listening to that waterfall, the birds singing in the trees, Lexi digging under the gazebo. Yes - nice quiet relaxing sounds!  I didn't even have a nap - it was just exciting to sit there and enjoy life. It's my cottage and the commute is 30 seconds even on Friday evening!  It doesn't get any better than that.

After it got darker, I moved into the studio to try and get something done. What to do? What to do?  There is so much to choose from. When I was moving stuff around, I came across some Christmas bags and two small quilts for one of my local guilds.  Oooops - I had forgotten that I had brought those kits home.  Well - it would be awesome if i could go back in September (the end of September) and take the finished items back.

So I got the serger out and serged up the edges of all the bags. There are 12.  Hmmmm - should I keep going?

12 bags are serged

I started to tuck the ends of the serger thread inside the serged seam. And then I put FrayCheck on that so it doesn't pull out.  

Ends tucked in and sealed with Fray Check

I was half through the bags when my attention span started to wane.   Oh for God's sake - just suck it up and finish the other 6.   So I did!    And now those 12 bags are waiting for the next step which I hope to get to today.  Then on Monday morning when I take hand stuff to the Monday Maniac group - I can insert the ribbon.  Hey - I'm always thinking ahead. I almost didn't have anything prepped (or in the bag) last week. I take boring stuff - like ripping (yes - there seems to always be lots of that!) and cutting to the Monday group.  Makes it less boring when you're yakking away.   I so miss those Mondays!!!

And can you tell me how this happens???  You are tired, and it's bed time so you go to bed.  Then all of a sudden you're wide awake!!!   I mean - WIDE AWAKE and there is no hope of going to sleep. It happens to me from time to time, but last night was the second time since I've come back from vacation.  I'm thinking I need to set my tent up in the backyard. I wonder if Lexi would sleep in the tent with me????   So let's say that I was up cutting some more on my Gravity quilt in the wee morning hours.  I've got the purples all cut out and I can wait to sew those blocks together today.  I might even attempt to get a portion of the quilt together today or at least some major cutting on the background.


This is a three part class at the Hobby Horse starting in September (October and November).  Each class is three hours long - we have a KIT - the kit is awesome and a great opportunity to get a LOT of fabrics very easily.  I'm excited how that worked out.  There is only one downside - the class is FILLING UP - not sure if there is any space - we may have to schedule a second class???  Even if you don't want to take the class, call the Hobby Horse and get the kit.  We're using Toscana by Northcott and it's looking awesome.   So if you've been thinking about taking the class - I'd call today to sign up and/or  reserve a kit. The kit will be for the colored fabrics - the grey will be yardage you buy separately.

Each class is three hours - I'm working on a supply list, but you'll be cutting and sewing the first day.   See you then!!!!

On that note - I'd better get the day started. Gosh - I looked for the name of that vacuum place again and I still can't find it.  I know someone who lives close - I'll get the name from her!!!

Have an awesome day and eat cake for ME!!!!


PS - I think Lexi has something to say this morning.

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