Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The last one - of course!

There was a pattern in a magazine that I wanted to get my hands on.  I knew how to make the pattern, but I wanted to review the instructions for an upcoming demo that I'm prepping. Fortunately, I knew the name of the magazine, but not which issue. All issues of this magazine (A Needle Pulling Thread) are in the same spot (or so I thought). I flipped through the first bundle. Nope. I flipped through the second bundle and I was hoping that I had not removed this particular issue and put it with some appropriate fabric.  But I perservered and yes - the pattern I sought was in the LAST magazine.  Why does that always happen???

I don't seem to be 100% recovered from my bike trip. I still feel tired in the morning, but I don't think this cold has completely gone away.  It's lurking - I can feel it this morning in my throat!  Just slightly scratchy so more sleep and more water.  All I can say is that our timing for the trip was PERFECT.  We had pretty decent weather - actually PERFECT weather. I heard yesterday that there is snow in Lake Louise, rain, cold - going through the mountains would have been a bit of a challenge!

You know how we never celebrate those little miracles - we tend to only complain about what we don't like?  Well - there are two small miracles that I'm very thankful for!

Row by row - yes - the summer is marching along, but that doesn't mean that we can't still be rowing!
Ronda and her daughter drove Route 66 - what a fun thing to do.  I could have gone with them but I already had plans!  Too bad!   But Ronda did make a few stops along the way and look what she picked up!!!!

Row by row across the US!

And I heard that there is another one coming from Marilyn that is in fact one of the ones I had hoped to get over the weekend, but could not get my hands on!    I really do have the best friends. A big big thank you to everyone who helped out with row by row!!!!   Can't wait to get started on a new project!

Looks like we have a collection thing about to happen.  Or is it not a collection until you have three???  Ronda picked up the tin on the right and guess who got me the tin on the left?  That was many years ago, but I use the tin - it's great for holding sewing supplies.

Commemorative tins

And a FQ of bike fabric

OK - I have to get this quilt repair finished. I think it is weighing heavily on my brain and that is helping to sap my energy.  I have other way more cool stuff to work on, but can't until this gets done.  I'm hoping one more evening will do the trick.

It's a challenge because there are many holes that need to be patched.   But I'm pleased with the results.  Have a look - can you see the two patches in this picture???  Yes - there is a needle stuck in one of the patches.

Spot the two patches!
 In some instances (many instances) I had to get creativel with the patches. I had to join the fabrics FIRST and then make the patches as the tear went across the seam.  There is an example below.

Creative patches

Except for the big spot, I think I have about 3 more patches for the front.  I'm afraid to check the quilt again - more and more just seem to pop up.  And then there are about 5 spots on the back that need a patch. Those patches should be easy to make.  Let's keep the fingers crossed that tonight is the end.

Well - I'm off.  A busy day - there is never an end to what needs to be done. I have oodles of sewing that needs to be done, but first, a bit of designing needs to happen.

Anyway - have a great day!!!!


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