Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Day Eight - Blue River to Tete Jaune

This was a day to top all cycling days.  It was GLORIOUS.  The distance was 109 K, we did have climbing but nothing too steep, a bit of head wind and well - it was glorious!

Had an OK sleep, I think I set my tent up on a slight sideways incline so I felt tippy all night. Got the morning routine down to a science so it doesn't take long to get ready.  Just got to get food down in the morning. Not that we don't have lots of choices - there is lots to choose from and good food, but just hard sometimes to eat before riding.  Not sure why since I'm a big breakfast person.

Then I was off.  Today was a day with few services on the road. No place to buy anything or use the bathroom.  As a result, our truck stopped for us not quite half way. Normally they don't, but it was just in case we needed some food or water.  Again, I don't eat a whole lot on the road, but I need to eat small bits every couple of hours. A good many of us arrived about the same time so it was a mini party.

Back on the road and lots of people passed me and I passed a couple of people. The scenery was gorgeous.  I did NOT see any wildlife today, although there was something beside the road as I passed and it went further into the bushes. I wasn't about to investigate. I know that Jamie is going to arrive with all kinds of stories of bears frolicking on the river's edge.  I looked - I really did make an effort, but besides hearing some obscure bird noises - it was pretty quiet.

We did pass one major glacier whose name, I've forgotten and I don't have my map handy. Ooops -  Someone had a map handy - it's called Albreda. It was gorgeous and I did get a couple of pictures.

For the most part, we've been very lucky with construction.  I think today was the first day that we had any real construction and it was less than 1 KM long. Just past the construction was the access sign to the campground.  I think a few people missed it  or would have missed it if the hikers (hitchhikers?  who were sitting at that corner didn't wave them in after seeing some of us turn in. Some of the bigger signs were down due to the construction. The campsite is amazing.  The showers are like five star hotel which is a nice change. You never know what you are going to get in some of the camps.  This one is the BEST by far.

The weather was pretty decent today, started out a bit cool, but soon the sun came out and I took my jacket off.  As I neared the 20 Km to camp point, big clouds were gathering in the mountains and were looking quite threatening.  I had to stop for chocolate milk in Valemount.  Yikes - better get moving or I'm going to get caught in the rain and after the rain we had yesterday, well I did not want to get wet.    A few more drops and I decided to put my rain gear on. It must have rained for 3 KM - a light drizzle and then it cleared up.  The sun came out and I had to take my rain gear off. Just one of those crazy days!

However I arrived at camp and got my tent up, went for a shower and now it's raining again.  Thankfully I'm in camp, my stuff is nice and dry in my tent. There are a few others still on the road.

I did a bit of thinking today.  Why do I always choose to ride by myself?  Well - I'm so particular that I just wouldn't be happy riding with anyone else. One minute I stop to take my jacket off, then I have to apply sunscreen.  Then I forgot to take a pill for my knee so I have to stop again.  I would drive anyone crazy and if I wasn't able to stop because I was in a group, I'd be seriously unhappy.  This is MY vacation and I choose to spend my day how I like.  The freedom to be on a bike in beautiful scenery with NO ONE around is like winning the lottery.   I realize that many would not agree with me, but imagine having no responsibilities for the entire day, no phone calls, no TV, no internet, no e-mail,  just get from A to B and have fun along the way.  Yep - that's why I ride by myself.

The traffic seemed to be a bit lighter than before.  We are getting pretty far north and our campsite is beside the Fraser River.  You will not believe the color - it's amazing and it's flowing fast.

Sorry if some of this sounds confused!  My brain is in slow motion mode - hey I'm on vacation.

I hope it isn't going to rain for the rest of the day.  That would suck since we are in such a nice spot.  (it appears that the rain is letting up which is a good thing!)

We do have a pretty good mix of people on the trip.  It's always a crap shoot - you put 18 people, plus two crew together in close quarters (more or less) and you never know what the outcome will be.  There are two people that I know from the previous trip (Tour Pacific in 2011) and the rest are new. 

I see it isn't raining too hard so I should walk to the trunk and get my sweater, the rain has cooled things of considerably.

Have a great day!!!!


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