Friday, August 19, 2016

Row by row by row............................

So far, I'm fighting off this cold.  Lots of sleep, lots of water and I didn't sleep in this morning. Hopefully, that means that I'm going to beat this thing. There is zero downtime allowed!

Since I didn't sleep in, I did manage to get some work done on the yarn bag for my Mom. The pockets (with velcro closure) are sewn on. The handles are top stitched and basted in place. 

Progress on the yarn bag

Not much left to do to finish it off.  Yeah!

While I was puttering this morning and tried to put a couple of things away, I noticed this box sitting on the table. Hmm - that was a box that I was putting all the yarn themed fabric in to make a yarn bag for ME!  What do you think?  Could I possibly have some of those two fabrics in there?

Box with yarn themed fabric and patterns for knitting bags

But of course I did!!!!!   Not enough to make the entire bag, but there is certainly enough to get that bottom cover for the plasticor (aka election signs!)

More of the fabric I was missing

 Well - that is good news.  I'm still going to take the smaller pieces, join them and make a zippered pouch to go with the yarn bag. You never know when you need a pouch to put stuff in.  I like to be organized and my Mom does too. 

I came across this when I was tidying up this morning. An embroidery hoop by Cosmo. It's called the one-touch because there is no screw on the hoop - just a spring on the inside. 
One Touch embroidery hoop by COSMO

 I got mine as part of a kit when I was at Market this past spring.  However, some of my stuff had a bit of an accident on the way home and look what happened to it. While the wood did NOT break apart, it sort of buckled and well - there is a big snag on it.  I could file the snag down - it still usable.  I'm going to check to see what a new one costs.  It's actually a great idea to not have that screw. 

Sort of broken embroidery hoop

Hmmmm - before I buy a new one (which I don't need), I should see if I really like this size.  I normally use a much smaller hoop. 

Time to share some of my row by row stuff with you.  I really really promised myself that I wouldn't buy kits this year. Then Shelley had to go and blow that rule out of the water. She inspired me with an idea and well the rest is history!!!!

I got Belinda to be a row by row mule for me in Calgary and this is the loot I got from the Alberta stores.  OK - the kit on the right is from Calgary and the pattern on the left (with the bit of fabric) is from Cochrane which I got. The kit in the middle is from Canmore which I also picked up myself. 
One pattern and two kits
One more kit from Calgary store

I am very specific (more or less) about the kits I'm buying. Can you guess what is my theme???   Actually, there are two.  But it's hard to tell from the pictures above.  It'll all be clear in a couple of months. 

While I love the kits - it's the license plates that are exciting to me!!!!!   Here is my haul from Alberta. I have one more from Alberta that someone gave me a couple of weeks ago so that makes 10 from Alberta. Thanks again to Belinda who helped make that possible. 

Alberta license plates

And here is my haul from British Colombia.   I managed to get two kits and three plates.  I've got one more plate that I want to get and hopefully M will pick it up for me - if she hasn't forgotten.   I managed to pick up all the BC stuff myself. 

Row by Row from BC

There is more coming. I did a bit of shopping when I was in Saskatchewan, but since it was a bit much to carry around on my trip, my Dad is going to ship it to me at some point.  There is no rush. 

I think I counted the other day and I have 37 license plates for 2016.  Now how the heck did that happen?????   And there is more to come!  I'm hoping to pick up a couple tomorrow and well - you can never have too many license plates.  The key is going to make something cool out of them like 2014.  And I have a couple of ideas for 2015.  You can't rush an artist!!!!!

On that note - I'm out of here.  Loads to do and I had better get started. 

Have a great day!!!!


  1. Hi Elaine!!! I really like the larger font size. My eyes aren't what they used to be and this size helps a lot. Hope you're having a great weekend. Blessed be, hugs!!!

  2. If you want a New Brunswick, PEI or Maine, plate let me know. I personally bought them in the stores. But always get an extra.
    Pat C.