Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The aftermath.......................

I had a decent sleep last night however I have to say that I tossed and turned.  And for the first time in days, I set my alarm.  I had an early morning flight and I wasn't going to miss it.

Finished the last bit of packing and then the fun begins.  My room at the dorm was a   L  O  N  G   way from the front door.  I started with the bike. I started by carrying the bike box which is heavy. Then I decided it would be easier to push it along, into the elevator and up to the front door. Then back up to the room to get my duffle bag and small knapsack.  So now everything is at the front door where it will remain unsupervised until I drop off the key.

Next up, I called a cab. Can you believe in that crazy city that you CANNOT reserve a van taxi cab. Nope - I had everything set last night and then I remembered that I needed a van. Oh - sorry - you have to call them and they will send the next available one.  Really???   At 6 AM????  I called the cab and then walked over to the main "hotel" at the university to drop off my key.  Oh yes - when I called the cab, I said - I needed it at 6 AM.  "oh - we can't set a specific time - I'll have one there as soon as possible".  I didn't want soon as possible - I needed time to drop off my key.  However the timing worked out as I was just arriving back at the dorm when the cab (a van!) pulled up.

Smooth sailing to get to the airport, but the security lady wanted to go through the bike box.  I had left it open, but it still takes time to make all that happen and then tape it up and get to the oversized luggage.  Mind you, I had plenty of time.

It was a breeze to get through security. I did use my Nexus card, but there was hardly anyone in line so even the two women behind me - one with Nexus and one without got through the Nexus line.  So the point of having a Nexus card is????   Really - if there is a rule, why don't people follow them??

Security and check-in was a breeze compared to the Tim's line.  No offense to those who work at Tim's, but I seriously considered bypassing the line and going somewhere else.  If I would have known how long it would have taken, I would have.  I swear they have the slowest staff at the airport or the worst idiots in the line.  It was totally insane.  Again - I had lots of time so I wasn't stressed, just annoyed. But I'm a pretty calm traveler so I just reveled in the thought that I was going home and what's the point of getting uptight about a line.

However, there are idiots at the airport.  People get checked in and then what? They forget they are at an airport?  They forget that they have a plane to catch??  There were four people on another flight and the airline was very patient. They must have called them 5 or 6 times. They were threatening to take them off the plane.  Two of one group came running while their friend sauntered up to the gate.  If I were the flight attendants, I'd have axed them.  Do people not care anymore????  Maybe they were stuck in the Tim's line??   Still - get a watch!

Off to the gate which of course is the last one!  More exercise - yeah!!!!  I did notice before getting on the plane - (OK - while I was waiting in the Tim's line) that there were thunderstorm warnings in Toronto.  Oh great - that means turbulence and I HATE turbulence. However the flight was pretty uneventful. Except towards the end.

We are 20 minutes from landing and the fellow in the window seat in my aisle needs to get up. Seriously????  He was gone for a long time (OK - about 5 minutes).  I'm guessing he was in the bathroom.  Then the woman who had been sitting in the middle and had moved somewhere else, but left her luggage, decided that she needed to get back to her seat - we are about 10 minutes from landing. And then 5 minutes from landing, the man in the window seat in the row ahead, bolted from his seat to the washroom.  I guess the turbulence was too much for him. He was still in there when we got off the plane!  Poor guy!   While there was turbulence, it wasn't that bad!

Picked up my luggage and my ride arrived and I was whisked home.  Holy cow - but it's hot and humid here! Although we had very high winds today and this evening, it is beautiful outside.

I'm about half unpacked, doing the second load of laundry and getting stuff ready for work and the gym in the morning.  Oh yes - my legs are itching to get back on a bike!

And it feels totally weird to be typing on my big keyboard. The little one is about half the size and this is bizarre.

For those that are into numbers, here are my numbers from the trip.

Total days riding - 13
Rest day - 2
Total distance - 1,426    KM
Total METERS climbed - 10,628
Total METERS descent - 9,434
Since Calgary is about 1,200 M above sea level - that makes sense!

There are all kinds of other fun stuff like average speed, moving speed and all that, but I won't bore you with any of that stuff.

On that note - I'm out of here.  It's almost 9 PM and there is no one to tell me not to go to bed!  Although, Miss Lexi and I need to go for a walk yet.

Have a great day!!!!



  1. Love reading your stats. That's a lot of climbing.

    Have you ever done Tom Parry's Halton Hilly Hundred ride?

    1. Lisa - no I haven't. I've heard of it. I wonder what the climbing is on that one????

    2. I mapped it on MapMyRide and it showed just under 1200m.

      The Toronto Cycling meetup group did it a few years ago. Here's the Strava of the one of the guys who did the ride, as opposed to the route plan I created, which I generally find underestimates the climbing. It actually show 1600m of climbing!

      So I guess this would be good practice for trips like the one you just did.

    3. Lisa - GO for it!!!!!! Whether it's 1200 or 1600 M - that's a lot of climbing in ONE day. I think our biggest day of climbing was 1600M or in that range. Get those quads in good shape before hand!