Saturday, September 3, 2016

How big can it be?

I had a couple of errands to do yesterday. One of the projects I'm working on - well I didn't like the way it looked - you will get to see it eventually.  So I needed to go to Fabricland to get some new cord.  Of course, I didn't take the piece with me and they had three different styles/colors. Thank goodness the stuff is cheap because I bought some of all three!!!

Three different styles/colors of cord
My next errand wasn't quite as easy.  I will be teaching a class on tuffets in the new year. Don't know what a tuffet is???  Check out this link. I needed to get some upholstery batting to go between the foam and the fabric.

There is a factory not far from work that sells this stuff so I went there. Yes - I could have gone to Fabricland but I didn't.  At the factory you buy this stuff by the roll. Now seriously - how big could that roll be???   When I went around to the loading dock (that should have been my first clue), I saw the roll sitting there. Yikes - how am I going to get that in the car?

It's huge. I couldn't shove the thing down enough to get in the car so one of the workers came to help me. And it fit in the car!!!

Roll of fibre (that's what they call it) in the car
Want to know how much is on that roll???  I forget how many yards, that's going to make a LOT of tuffets!!!!   Fortunately it doesn't weigh very much. It's mostly air.

Popping the roll of fibre out of the car!

Now here lies the problem.  I needed to get the fibre in the house - I figured that would be cleaner and easier than the garage. Thankfully my front door has a little side door that opens to make it bigger so it was easy to get in the house.

But wait - I had to get it up the stairs first. And for some reason, I put my leg with the bad knee on the first step and put a bit of weight on it and I thought someone had driven a knife to the core of my leg and twisted it. So there I am at the bottom of my front step (in my PJs, no less) and I'm bent over in excruciating pain and this massive roll of fibre at the bottom of my front step!  I'm laughing about it now - thank goodness that took place fairly early in the morning when no one was around!!!!

After what seemed like an eternity, I did manage to roll the batting up the steps and as mentioned, opened the sidelight on the door to get the batting in the house.

I left it in the front hall as I was in so much pain, I couldn't do anything.  The pain has subsided so I'm going to move the batting and take a picture. Just a minute.

Told you it was big!
The update on the knee - well the pain killers finally kicked in yesterday which helped with the swelling, however it only takes the constant dull ache off - doesn't take away the sharp pain.  I've no idea what's happened to it, but at least by the end of the day yesterday, I was able to walk somewhat normal. What I know it doesn't like is a long walk like when I take Lexi for a walk.  That isn't fun!!!   X-rays and ultrasound on Tuesday morning.

I'm trying to be committed to this Halloween project so last night - back to the embroidery machine and here is the latest block

One more Halloween block done!
However even at the price that we pay for these designs, there were two things I didn't like about this block. One - there were errors in the book - so STEMS was actually the pupils in the cat's eyes.  While I'm not an expert in this field, I know enough about it to know there was a mistake. The other thing I didn't like was the stars and the cat's whiskers were digitized in the same step. Now in the original, the stars are grey so that works for the cat's whiskers. My stars are GOLD and now the damn cat has gold whiskers.  I knew that was going to happen, You just have to follow the guidelines in the booklet and study the imagine and I figured that out. If I would have had half a brain, I would have stopped the machine after the stars, loaded on a thread for the whiskers and started the machine again.  I forgot and let the machine go and well - I've got gold whiskers.

If it bothers me that much - I can always rip the whiskers out and do them free hand.

Gold whiskers on the cat!

My two blocks - only 23 more to go!!!!

I see Lexi has been busy this morning - you should check out what she had to say.

I have been making good progress on my QUILTsocial blog posts. Working like crazy on the sewing machine, taking pictures. Everything so far is edited and uploaded on the internet.  And I'm FOUR weeks away from the go live date. Normally, I'm hours from the go-live date!

It's going to be an awesome weekend.  No appointments (well just one for a quilting customer), but nothing else planned. Ooops - there is a crap load of fabric calling my name. But first - we're off to the dog park.

The big decision of the day is going to be what to work on first!  But I've been pretty darn focused - I don't think I'll have trouble. Have a great day!!!!


PS - if you need to send me an e-mail - click on this link!!!   I changed it a while back, not everyone has the new address which is good - I get way less e-mails!!!

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