Sunday, October 9, 2016

Ever had one of those days?

You know how it is. You have loads of work scheduled. You're primed and ready to go. And then disaster.

That was me yesterday.  I have loads to do. I knew exactly what I was going to do and then I had a stupid case of allergies that made the day very uncomfortable.  Sneezing, itchy eyes, running nose, stuffed head.  I was in agony!  Well, I wasn't, but it was so difficult to focus and concentrate.  I sucked it up and did accomplish a fair bit. Pills don't work unless you take them BEFORE which I would have if I'd have known I was going to get sidelined!

I got one more quilt top assembled. But not before I had to do a repair job on the border. It was a special border and you know how they say, measure twice, cut once. Well, I measured and then I cut and resewed and oh heck!  The darn border is now too short!!!!   So I had to do a repair job.  Let's just say that if you didn't know that had happened, you wouldn't see it. But it took time and I needed a clear head!  But that top is done!

I got the bindings on two quilts. Just need to hand stitch down the sleeves and those are good to go!  Still lots more to go, but no patterns so having to make up the design as I go along which slows down the process a bit.  As I woke up this morning, I thought of something else that would be awesome for one of the quilts and sure enough, I managed to find it within moments.  AH - the benefits of putting things where you think you would find them in the future!  That helps a lot!   No luck on the purple magazine holder, but I'm thinking!!!

I still managed to finish reading a book, have a couple of snoozes (I was exhausted) and Miss Lexi went to the dog park!

Got two more license plates the other day!  I know there are more to come!

Two more plates

Total plate count for 2016 - 65 (so far!)
 Keep in mind, that I purchased almost all of them!!!

And if you want to know about the 2017 theme - it will be announced on October 24.

Now here's a good reason to drink from a bottle with a lid rather than a glass.  I had a glass of water on the cutting table. I often do and I've never spilled it. Until yesterday!  I pushed something against the end of the table, which moved the ruler holder and whap - that glass of water went all over the cutting table, on the floor and all over this bolt of fabric that was leaning against the table. Theh glass remained on the table so no broken glass. The silver lining!

 No permanent damage to anything!  But it was another "moment" that I could have done without yesterday!!!  It always happens like that - I guess when you're feeling good, if you have a moment, you just let it go. But you're already feeling lousy, those moments become huge irritations!

But I feel much better so far.  I did sneeze twice at the dog park - something in the air???  But I'm fine now.

Here's a couple more pictures from the retreat. This is Frieda fondling Mary Beth's pants!  OK - I must explain because that sounds bad, but at least Mary Beth wasn't wearing them at the time!  Some of the ladies were obsessed with leggings. Apparently there is a Facebook page where you can buy leggings?  It reminded me of e-Bay where you had to bid, except this was at a certain time of the day??  It sounded way too complicated and restrictive in that I couldn't buy when I wanted.

Mary Beth had a pair of these leggings with her and I have to agree that they were the softest thing ever!!!!   So we got Frieda to pose with fondling Mary Beth's pants!  Thanks Frieda!!!!

Oh these pants are so soft!!!!

Shirley was binding a quilt at the retreat.  I absolutely love this quilt - it's all about Pet Rescues!  I remember seeing it at Quilt Market last year. OK - now I want to make it. I did manage to get most of the fabric when I was at the retreat. A couple more fabrics are missing - hmmm - internet search????

Pet Rescue quilt

The fabrics are by Leanne Anderson. The pattern is a free download.  Cute!!!!!  

On that note, I'm off to tackle my stack of projects to see what I can get done today.

Have a great day!!!


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