Monday, October 31, 2016

Star Gazing

There are numerous people who are here at Quilt Market because it is their job. But sending a quilter to Quilt Market is like sending a kid to the candy store. This is not work! This is play 24/7.

Not only do we get to see some of the latest and greatest stuff, but we get to see all kinds of quilt stars. Tish had asked me to check out the latest Tula Pink fabric - a cat fabric and well - the fabric doesn't ship until March, so why not get a picture of me with Tula as a compensation.
me with Tula Pink
Tish - I got you a catalogue so you have something to fondle until the fabric ships!!!!

I've earned myself a reputation for being bold.  As if that wasn't known before. I've been snapping pictures of EVERYONE's booth (for my personal viewing pleasure of course) and when I'm back home and missing Market, I can browse through the photographs for memories!  I've no shame in picking up literature from anyone - yes even other people who sell fabric!  That's why a scarf is so darn convenient -it can hide your name badge! Oops - did I say that out loud?

We were invited to a party by the American Patchwork people as they celebrated the launch of their new logos for their magazines. We had a great time, learned a super cool story about how Jody Sanders (their Senior Editor) got inspired into quilting when she was 25.  Through her grandma and a quilt.  It's a beautiful story. And I got a picture of Jody and her quilt. Just can't post it yet.

While at the party, one of my Facebook friends suggested that I need a picture of Edyta Sitar. I had been in her booth earlier in the day, but other groupies were occupying her time.  Next thing I knew, there was Edyta leaving the party at the same time. So I asked her for a photo and voila -

Edyta Sitar and me

See what I mean about that scarf???   I have a name badge on, my little purse and a camera - all is concealed by that scarf!!!

I also ran into Susan Claire from New Zealand who is going to be at Festival with her latest Block of the Day quilt.

The Gourmet Quilter with her latest Block a day (for a year) quilt

Let's see what else?  I have to say that I did NOT wear running shoes yesterday and I was fine with all the walking. I think my knees are starting to settle down.  Just a lot of walking that first day and I was extremely tired. I'm back to my old self!

I did walk the floor with greater depth yesterday. Saw some cool stuff - got more contacts and I still have a LOT of the floor to walk today. But not before I go back and chat to a few people that I missed yesterday.  Imagine that there are others that want to talk to these people.  I'm out there to make contacts and collect free stuff!  I'm kidding - I'm on the hunt for contacts for various things that I want to teach or use for future projects.

Now I have to tell you this story about the missing fabric. It was a test of the quilter's soul. In the room where my Schoolhouse presentation was held, we saw a fairly large (not huge), pile of fabric in the corner. Hmmmmm - this is really cute fabric - it had a knitting theme.  We looked at each other and thought - this would be fun to have. My colleague said she saw it first, but taking it would be stealing so we left it. I know - we left it and it was cute cute cute!!!!  There was also a fabric ornament that didn't really go with the collection.

I had to go back to the room at the end of the day because I've lost the power cord for my laptop. Not my fault - that's a whole other story.  The fabric was still there. Hmmmmm - if I leave it there - it will get tossed. So I picked up the bundle and the ornament and put it in my bag. I knew who the fabric company was, but I didn't drop it at their booth.

Then yesterday as I was wondering the aisles, I saw the booth with the designer of this fabric. I was oohing and aahing over it and decided to fess up that I had found her fabric. It's the strike-offs so it's not the quality that you would buy in the shops.  She was super thrilled as she didn't even know it was missing. I handed the fabric over (and my card so she could send me a piece of it when it comes out!!!)  Oh god - I'm so pathetic!  As if I need more fabric, but this was a super cute design. It's by Henry Glass called Knit Happy.     Carla - check it out - it's adorable!!!!!!

The ornament didn't belong to her, but she thought it looked like Patrick Lose. So off to Patrick's booth.  I'm dangling the ornament in my hand and was aiming for Patrick who was in the booth.  I mean if you're going to return something - go to the top!  I was waylaid by one of his booth employees at the edge and she took it from me!!!!   Darn - next time - hide that damn ornament under the scarf until I get to my destination!  

But all in all - while it hurt to part with that knitting fabric, I felt good that I make that designer's day!

Madly making more notes this morning in my little book and now it's time to get ready for the day.  It's Halloween and I brought my costume. A headband with a bright orange bow.  BUT - I can't find it which means, it must have gotten left in my duffle bag on the crate!!!!!   GRRRRRRRR - I'm ticked off or perhaps it's in the same place as the power cord for my laptop.  Oh well - live and learn.

Oh yes, I was in a lecture with the Schmetz people yesterday morning and I thought I knew a lot about needles before - I learned a couple of things.  What fun!!!!!

On that note - I'm out of here. It's almost time for breakfast!

Have a super, super day - and hello to all my Monday friends!!!!  I'm thinking of you!  And I must find Jan today!


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