Wednesday, October 19, 2016

More free stuff!

Where did that saying come from?  An ad I've heard on the radio - maybe Shopper's???  I don't really pay attention much.  

The band-aid is off, the cut looks gross, but I doubt that it will split open at this point.  I see that I need Krazy Glue!  (Thanks, Shell!) Yep - got to get some. Actually, I was surprised that we had band-aids in the house because as a rule, I never use them. 

I was at Fabricland the other day picking up some embellishments and while I was standing in line at the cash, I saw these. They were on sale and how could I leave them behind???  I should have purchased a couple more. These ones are only 60" long and while I do like my longer ones at 120" long, most of the projects I'm currently working on are smaller so the 60" is sufficient.  That long one always falls off my neck, the little ones - not so much!

Orange tape measures - ON SALE
Apparently, there was also a coupon on Sunday when I went to Fabricland that gave an extra 10%.  Hey - I didn't get that coupon, but they gave me the extra 10% anyway.  Thanks, Fabricland!

When I was teaching my class on the weekend, I got more free goodies.  Mary had three more pet mats for me.

Three more pets mats
And I also got more.....................   what's in the bag????   Yep - that would be phone books.

More phone books
Yes, those phone books are super for string piecing.  However, that is it!  I don't think I need any more!
A lifetime supply of phone books

Things are progressing nicely in the stack of projects.  I managed to quilt FOUR quilts yesterday. Yes - FOUR - I think that is a record for me in one day. And that was after lunch!  None of them are huge, but doesn't matter, the backing has to be pressed (I don't press any seams in the backing until I'm ready to load the backing), the quilt has to be loaded, the batting has to be measured and cut, the threads need to be chosen as well as the pantograph.

To make pattern choosing easy, I went through my pantographs and picked out all the ones that I think will work for the upcoming projects.

Pantographs ready to be used
I'm not saying that there is a quilt for every one of those pantographs. Nope, not saying that at all.  And wouldn't the health and safety people be on my case that those pantographs are still sitting on my steps!

A few times, people have said, "oh you could write a book".  Oh - yes I could, but do I want to??? Check out this blog post by Cheryl Arkison.  Cheryl is an author and well - just have a read. What are your thoughts???   I couldn't agree more with her as EVERYTHING is driven these days by how much Social Media is out there. If you don't spend all day, every day, tweeting, pinning to Pinterest, blogging, posting to Facebook - you will get NOWHERE.  And let's face it - you can BUY people who will tweet, blog, Facebook, etc. for you!!!!   People get PAID to do that.  I don't think it's right, but there is so much else out there that isn't right!!!

On that note, I'm going to have another insane day. I have visions of me getting on the plane next week and collapsing until we arrive at our destination.  No - I doubt that since I'm getting lots of sleep, drinking lots of water. It's just the constant deadline, but the intense deadlines won't go away until December 1 so I had better suck it up - there's still 6 more weeks of FOCUS.  I'm so focused, I'm shocking even myself. I've never been this focused in my life!!!

OK - have a super day!!!!!


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