Monday, October 10, 2016

Vintage Moments

Ah - to have a vintage moment!  No, I just want a moment!  I'm not complaining.  Despite the fact that there is loads of work to do, I'm taking some moments for me and of course to spend time with Miss Lexi!

One of the things that I used to do with Sparky and Little Sammy was a walk in the afternoon to Tim's.  We've had Lexi almost one year and I don't think we've ever walked there.  WHAT???   Well, first it was winter and we didn't walk in the winter. Then Little Sammy was getting old and couldn't walk that far and you couldn't go anywhere without taking her without feeling guilty. Then I had surgery on my knee and couldn't walk that distance. Then the other knee acted up!  Well thanks to my miracle drug, Lexi and I walked to Tim's yesterday - NO PAIN!!!!!   Do you know how excited I was???  Yep - I celebrated with one of those darn Pumpkin Spice muffins. I just couldn't help myself!!!   I think that's about 2 KM.  I feel GREAT!!!!!

I've also started to tackle the piles of paper on my desk and get someof this stuff filed, or dealt with. I would NOT make a good secretary.  So far so good.  I'm really good at doing other things when I'm supposed to be doing something else!  However the quilt I was working on yesterday was a bit complicated and I needed to take a break now and then.

It's soon going to be time for our Vintage Moments class later this week and I had better get the pictures from last class posted.

Here is a piture of the original quilt by Marsha McCloskey

Vintage Moments by Marsha McCloskey

Although it doesn't look like it, we're close to finishing this quilt.  All the components have been pieced - all that remains is to sew it together.  The class has done amazingly well - there is a ton of work in this quilt.  Have a peek and see what they've done.

Soft look, very pretty

That star really pops off the background

Look at the center star - very cool 

The kite shapes were fussy cut from a Christmas panel

Little pops of black, just a little

Fussy cut center star!  

Another soft version

Let's go crazy with the corners!

Very coordinated and calming

Look at that border print!  

The colors pop off this one

Classic blues and whites

Love the grey and purple on the stars.  

It's very interesting to look at all the quilts and see what pops out.  What makes that particular section pop out?  Looking at these pictures is a great way to learn about what you like and what you don't like in a quilt.  Remember, it's not to say what is right or wrong.  There is NO right or wrong - only what you like and dislike!!!

On that note, I've got a date with the long arm and then my sewing machine.

Have a great day!!!!


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